Delaphina "Mary" Decker in New Milford, NY School 1909

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

This hundred-year old class photo from New Milford School, New York, shows Delaphina "Mary" Decker attending "New Milford School", New York, school with her class in 1909.

Delaphina is the girl with the check mark over her head in the back row. She was born in January of 1897 and was the daughter of Charles Decker (1862-1909) and Lydia Mayo. After she married W. H. Dickinson, she went by the name Mary Dickinson.

This photo was from 1909, around the time her father, Charles Decker, died. (Photo from the collection of James H. Dickinson).

See more on the Decker page.

It appears this school house was located on Covered Bridge Road in New Milford (Town of Warwick).

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