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Dora (Sherman) Rice in the news

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Madora, also known as "Dora" Sherman was the sister of my 3rd great-grandfather, James Sherman. She was born in 1849, probably in Cayuga County, New York. Her family was living in Sennett in 1850.

Dora married Allen Rice, on December 31, 1874, in Auburn, New York, according to her son, Edgar Rice's obituary. She was a tough woman based on the few stories I found in the local news while searching for her obituary.

In 1878, she was arrested for stabbing a man with a pitch fork. She was about 29 years old at the time. The reason for the assault and the outcome of the charges remains unknown.

In 1880, "Madorah Rice", age 30, was married and living with her husband, Allen Rice, age 40. They lived at 155 Van Anden Street, Auburn, New York, according to the census.

In May of 1892, Dora and Allen were divorced and a few years later, in 1897, she was involved in another altercation. She was about 47 years old at the time. The dramatic event is transcribed here from the article printed in the Auburn Bulletin:


And She Was Belaboring Charles A. Moore When an Officer Arrived.

Charles A. Moore and Dora Rice, who are quite well known to the residents of the Northeastern portion of the city, had a set-to in Franklin street about 8:30 Monday night. It was brought to an untimely end by Officer Roseboom, who very opportunely happened to be on the ground. He was just in time, it is said, to prevent a murder. Dora had drawn a revolver, an old fashioned Allen revolver, a pepper box, a murderous looking weapon with six barrels.

Dora and Moore happened to meet in Franklin street. They were not good friends. Moore had been living at Dora's and they had disagreed. Dora asked Moore for some board money she claims to be due. Moore says she called him names. Dora drew her revolver and began to belabor Moore with it. Moore wrested it from her and threw it across the street. They were seen by Officer Roseboom at this point. When the officer reached them they were pummelling one another at a terrific rate. Dora was doing well. She is a woman of magnificent physique and was quite capable of taking care of herself.

The man was arrested by the gallant officer. He was arraigned the next morning and pleaded not guilty. His examination was set down for 3 o'clock. Dora was present when the plea was made. She volunteered the statement that she had carried the weapon for 20 years.

[Auburn Bulletin, Tues., April, 27, 1897 from]

"Modora C. Rice" is found in the New York Death Index, having died May 22, 1926, in Moravia. Certificate #34567. I haven't found her burial place yet. If anyone knows, please comment below!

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