Dr. Charles Decker of Scranton, PA c.1917

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Mrs. Charles Decker, wife of Dr. Charles Decker dies at the age of 71, in January of 1917. She was survived by her husband, Dr. Charles Decker and the following children:

  • Mrs. C. E. Small of Johnson City

  • Mrs. W. M. Terry of Rushville

  • Mrs. George Decker of Montrose

  • Wellington Decker of Chicago, IL

  • Lewis B. Decker of Johson City, TN

It is interesting to note that it was common to omit the woman's name, giving her only as "Mrs. Charles Decker". Fortunately, in this case there is another clue as to her maiden name, in the very last sentence in the obituary, "one brother, John Kirby, of West Pittston". Yes, there is a chance he was a step-brother with a different last name, but it may be worth checking to see if her maiden name wasn't Kirby.

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