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Emma Dickinson (1893-1968)

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Emma Dickinson was born on 20 Dec 1893 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The family moved to Newark, New Jersey, before 1910 and her mother died in May of 1913, when Emma was 19 years old. Rather than marrying, like most girls her age did, Emma stuck around to help her father raise her brothers and sisters. She attended nursing school and was a world traveler. She never married or had children but was very close with her family both in America and back in England.

She died in August of 1968 in Glen Ridge, Essex County, New Jersey. Her burial was at the family plot in Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Blairstown, New Jersey.

Emma is shown here at left with her family in the early 1920s. In the back row from left to right: Emma and her sisters Rose, Elizabeth, and Ruth. Sitting in front is her brother W.H., father Harry, and other brother, John Dickinson (Photo courtesy of James Dickinson).

About 40 years later, the siblings are shown again here: Emma at left with William H., Elizabeth, Ruth, John & Rose Dickinson. The occasion was the wedding of W.H.'s daughter, Ruth Dickinson to Bill Snyder in 1958. (Photo courtesy of James Dickinson).

Click here for more on Emma Dickinson. For more on the family, see the Dickinson page.


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