Ensign Genealogy to the Harvey family

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

The Ensign family is believed to have been of Saxon origin, with its progenitor hailing from a small fishing community on the isle of Schokland in the Zuiderzee (Zuyder Zee, meaning Southern Sea in Dutch). The Zuiderzee is a shallow bay of the North Sea. The region is part of the Dutch province of Flevoland in the Netherlands.

The region, formerly known as West Frisia, or Friesland, was the traditional homeland of the Germanic tribe of people called the Frisii, who began settling there in the 6th century B.C. Archaeological evidence shows Frisian presence since the Early Middle Ages. They were descendants of the Anglo-Saxon immigrants from the German Bight.

They may have been among the early invaders of England who settled in Kent during the Teutonic migrations. See my blog entitled Ens, Netherlands - Origin of the Ensign family for more information.

The first trace of the name in England, was found in Chilham, near Canterbury, England, abt. 1563. See my previous blog entitled "Chilham Castle", where you can have a look around.

It is suspected that the fellow who arrived in Chilham was called Ens, after the name of his former Dutch home. The suffix -ing was an old English term meaning descended from, which explains why in many early records, the name was written Ensing. North of Chilham, there is a hamlet called Ensden, "a contradiction from Ensingden. It would appear, therefore, that at an early date an Ensing made his abode in a wooded vale, called in Old English a "den".

Ensign Genealogy

Generation 1

James Ensign, married Sarah Elson

Generation 2

David Ensign Sr, married Sarah (Wilcox) Long

Generation 3

David Ensign Jr, married Sarah Moody

Generation 4

Datus Ensign Sr, married Lucretia Seymour

Generation 5 Datus Ensign Jr, married Abigail Woolworth

Generation 6

Royal Ensign, married Mrs. Sally Rood

Generation 7 Esther Abigail Ensign, married John Shirley

Generation 8 Royal J. Shirley, married Mary J. Brooks

Generation 9 Gertrude Esther Shirley, married Newman Archelaus Harvey

Newman and Gertrude (Shirley) Harvey

Generation 10

Mary E. Harvey, married L. John Reese,

Gertrude, Mary, Ruth an Bessie Harvey


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  • See also http://dickinsonfamilyassociation.org/

See the Harvey page, the Shirley page, and the Reese page for more.

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