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Exemption from the Civil War

The following newspaper publication details the requirements and processes by which a man who was selected for the draft could file for an exemption from service.

  • Form 25 - Certificate for exemption for the son of a widow, or of aged and infirm parent or parents.

  • Form 26 - Certificate of a parent that he or she desires one of his or her sons exempted.

  • Form 27 - Certificate that the person liable to a draft is the only brother of a child or children dependent on his labor for support

  • Form 28 - Certificate that two members of the same family of the person liable to draft are already in the military service of the United States.

  • Form 29 - Certificate that the person liable to a draft is the father of motherless children under 12 years of age, dependent on his labor for support.

  • Form 30 - Certificate or exemption on account of unsuitableness of age. (Under age 20, over 35 and married, or over 45).

Cortland Gazette and Banner, August 27, 1863.


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