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Grandmother Griffith's portrait

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

This photograph was handed down to my mother from her Dickinson side of the family. It appears to be labeled "Grandmother Griffith, great mother to Grandma Robinson. Our mother's side." The writing was done by one of Harry Dickinson's children. Their mother was Annie Robinson. Annie's parents were George Robinson and Emma Griffith. "Grandma Robinson" refers to Emma Griffith. Emma was the daughter of Thomas Griffith, whose wife we believe was Phebe Kimberly. Emma was born in 1837. Her mother, Phebe Kimberly would have been born before 1820.

I believe it should read "Great Grandmother Griffith, Mother to Grandma Robinson". There is clearly an arrow ^ between the words great and Mother to correct the error. Therefore, this is a photograph of the wife of Thomas Griffith, or Phebe Kimberly. On the backside, in a different pen, (probably written by Harry), "Your grandmother. You must write her name yourself as I do not know it". The photographer's mark says "Henry Green, 84 Chorlton Road, Manchester".


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