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Grip's Historical Souvenir of Cortland

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

For years, rare old books like this one sat on bookshelves in public or personal libraries and historical societies. Today you can read books both old and new from almost anywhere.

This great book called "Grip's Historical Souvenir of Cortland", was written by Edgar Luderne Welch and published in 1899. Among it's pages you can find hundreds of biographies, photographs and illustrations of people and places in Cortland, Cortland County, New York.

"We venture the assertion that no village of the size of Cortland can be found having such extensive asphalt paved streets, and with so uniformly fine houses and where so many residents own their own homes. In Cortland are found no tenement houses. In fact there are no poor districts, but everywhere are cheery, well kept and attractive homes." (Excerpt from page 2).

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