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Harry Dickinson and grandchildren in the 1930s

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Harry Dickinson and children

The above photo* shows Harry Dickinson in the early 1930s with his grandchildren, Betty, and perhaps Margaret, James, and William B. Dickinson - children of Harry's son, William Henry Dickinson. *Courtesy of James H. Dickinson, great-grandson of Harry.

When the 1930 census was taken, Harry was living at 324 Smith Street in the city of Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. He was 66 years old and worked as a helper at a Steel Mill. His son, John, and three grown daughters lived in the home. His daughter, Rose, was a school teacher, and John was a Book Clerk for an Insurance Company, which may have been Prudential, where he retired from many years later.

Harry Dickinson 1930 Census Newark, NJ

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