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Hartford, Windsor, and Fairfield, CT vital records

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

If you're looking for early Connecticut vital records, this book, Births, marriages, and deaths returned from Hartford, Windsor, and Fairfield, and entered in the early land records of the colony of Connecticut : Volumes I and II of land records and no. D of colonial deeds, may prove useful. It was compiled by Edwin Stanley Welles in 1898.

This book is not presently indexed for searching and cannot be automatically searched, but you can browse the book's index, the old fashioned way (minus the book mites and dust) and then scroll to the page you need. (Alternate link)

Surnames: Adams, Alexander, Alliston, Allyn, Alvard, Alvord, Andrews, Atwood, Baker, Bancroft, Banks, Barber, Barker, Barlowe, Barnard, Bartlett, Bennett, Besum, Birge, bissell, Bliss, Boosy, Branker, Bronson, Brooks, Brown, Brunson, Buckland, Buell, Burnham, Carter, Case, Chancey, Chapman, Chauncey, Chester, Clark, Clay, Coggins, Cooke, Cornish, Cross, Crow, Cullick, Curtice, Dare, Deble, Denslow, Dewey, Dibble, Dobbin, Dolman, Dorchester, Drake, Driscoll, Eggleston, Elderkin, Ellsworth, Eno, Evans, Farnsworth, Filley, Fitch, Ford, Forward, Fowler, Fox, Fyler, Gaylord, Gibbs, Gilbert, Gillett, Goffe, Goodman, Goodwin, Goren, Grannis, Grant, Graves, Griffin, Griswold, Gunn, Hakes, Hall, Hanford, Hanmer, Hart, Hawkes, Hawkins, Hay, Hayden, Hayes, Hayt, Hayward, Heart, Herne, Higley, Hill, Hiller, Hillyer, Hinsdale, Hodge, Holcombe, Hopewell, Hopkings, Horsford, Hosford, Hoskins, Howard, Howkins, Hoyt, Huit, Hull, Humphrey, Janes, Jones, Judd, Kelsey, Kirby, Lamson, Layton, Lewis, Linsley, Lockwood, Loomis, Lord, Mackman, Mansfield, Marshall, Maskell, Mather, Maudsley, Maybee, Messenger, Millington, Mills, Moore, More, Moseley, Moses, Newberry, Norton, Olds, Orton, Osborn, Osbourne, Owen, Palmer, Pantry, Parks, Parsons, Perrin, Pettibone, Phelps, Phillips, Pinney, Pomeroy, Pond, Ponder, Poole, Pope, Porter, Powell, Pratt, Prior, Randall, Randolph, Rising, Rockwell, Rowley, Ruly, Sackett, Sanders, Sands, Saunders, Savage, Saxton, Selden, Sension, Sexton, Shadock, Share, Sherwood, Skinner, Slater, Smith, Spencer, Squire, Stamford, Stanley, Stiles, Stocking, Stoughton, Strickland, Strong, Taintor, Talcott, Taylor, Terry, Thrall, Thompson, Tilton, Traharne, Trall, Trumbull, Tucker, Tudor, Voar, Wadsworth, Wakefield, Wakely, Warham, Warner, Warrennak, Watson, Webster, Weller, Welles, Wells, Westover, Whitcombe, Wilcockson, WIlles, Williams, Wilson, Winchell, Witchfield, Wolcott, Woodbridge, Wyllys


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