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Harvey Double Wedding

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Mary Harvey and Ruth Harvey were daughters of Newman Harvey and Gertrude (Shirley) Harvey. They were the brides in a double wedding in Ithaca, New York, on April 18, 1930. The ceremony was performed by Charles H. Patterson, Minister of the Gospel. The witnesses were Bertha and Eugene Hulslander.

Ruth married Devoid (De Void) Palmer. Their marriage certificate is shown here:

Mary Esther Harvey married Lloyd John Reese, better known as John Reese, son of Maynard Reese and Ada (Temple) Reese. Mary was 20 years old. John was three days shy of his 19th birthday. He was living in South Lansing and working as a farmer. Mary was living in Groton and working at Smith-Corona. typewriter factory.

In the Tompkins County book of marriage records, their certificates are back to back.

See the Reese page and the Harvey page for more on these families.


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