Historical Notices of Hartford Connecticut in 1640

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

This publication, printed in 1842, contains the following subjects:

Historical Notices of Connecticut, No. 1 (Hartford):

  • Settlements;

  • Original Proprietors and Settlers;

  • Organization - Town Officers - Town Book - Prices of Labor -

  • Strangers - Shade Trees;

  • Original Streets - Names and Locations;

  • Original House Lots;

  • Locations of First Settlers;

  • Genealogies of Families

Historical Notices of Connecticut, No. 2 (Hartford and West Hartford):

  • Divisions of the Town - Names of Locations - Commons -

  • Town Roads;

  • Burying Ground - Graves - Sexton - Town Crier;

  • Settlers in Hartford from 1640 to 1700;

  • Proprietors Votes;


  • Proprietor's Lots - Highways;

  • First Settlers and Location;

  • Genealogies.

Both volumes are included here:

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