History of Broome County, New York

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

This book, published in 1895, contains illustrations and biographical sketches of some of the prominent men and pioneers of Broome County, New York.


S.P. Allen, MD

Allen Barlow

Capt. Parley M. Brown

William Butler, MD

O.W. Chapman

John C. Curtis

Walton Dwight

Col. Milo B. Eldredge

S.H. French, MD

S.H. Harrington

Rev. James Francis Hourigan

Col. John Hyde

James W. Johnson

Rev. Peter Lockwood

Charles McKinney

Job L. Mercereau

Maj. David Mersereau

John Moore

C.H. Parsons

S.P. Quick

Joel Rouse

L.T. Safford

Mrs. Louisa Sanford

Seymour Sanford

Lewis Seymour

Hon. F.B. Smith

A.B. Stillson

Rev. C.E. Taylor

This book also contains information about Capt. Joseph Leonard (p. 60, 65 and 184, and Stephen B. Leonard on page 75.

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