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Index of Deaths from early central New York newspapers

In my previous post, a source for early central New York, an excellent resource for early central New York marriages was provided. It was "Early marriages from newspapers published in central New York; v. 01". The same author, William Martin Beauchamp (1830-1925), also printed a second volume, containing deaths published in central New York Newspapers in the 1800s. The entire book is available for free at FamilySearch.

Below is an example of the information provided. The following Leonard deaths are recorded in Volume 2, on page 92:

  • Abijah Leonard - Died at Auburn, NY, July 11, 1853, in his 34th year. (Skaneateles Democrat)

  • Mrs. Amity Leonard - Died at Sennett, NY, Oct. 26, 1840, aged 92 years. (Skaneateles Columbian)

  • Mrs. Ann H. Leonard - Died at Marcellus, Jule 11, 1850, aged 60 years. (Skaneateles Democrat)

  • Ezra Leonard - Died at Sennett, NY, April 13, 1850, aged 63. (Skaneateles Democrat)

  • Ezra Leonard - See Laura Leonard*

  • Rev. Joshua Leonard - See Margaret Leonard**

  • *Laura Leonard, wife of Ezra Leonard - Died at Sennett, NY, June 16, 1846, aged 47 years. (Skaneateles Democrat)

  • **Margaret Leonard, wife of Rev. Joshua Leonard - Died at German, Chenango County, NY, March 5, 1824, aged 35 years. (Syracuse Gazette)

  • ***Maria Leonard, wife of Samuel Leonard - Died at Skaneateles, Jan. 31, 1840, aged 40 years. (Skaneateles Columbian)

  • Noah Leonard - Born in 1754 in Middleboro, Mass. Died 1845 in Oneida County, NY. Married Feb. 13, 1788, Mehitable Richmond. A Revolutionary Soldier.

  • Samuel Leonard - See Maria Leonard***


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