Is your family from Wales?

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

If you have ancestors named Jones, Smith, Griffith or Rees, like me, chances are you've got Welsh blood. According to Wikipedia, the following surnames are the most common surnames in Wales:

  1. Jones

  2. Williams

  3. Davies

  4. Evans

  5. Thomas

  6. Roberts

  7. Lewis

  8. Hughes

  9. Morgan

  10. Griffiths

  11. Edwards

  12. Smith

  13. James

  14. Rees

  15. Jenkins

  16. Owen

  17. Price

  18. Phillips

  19. Moss

  20. Driscoll

  21. Collins

  22. Lloyd

You can learn all about the ancient origins of the Welsh people from their Celtic Roots to modern day in documentaries like this one, "Discovering Wales", produced by Reader's Digest, 1992. [Alternate Link]

"We are all part of the story of Wales"

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