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John Reese's 90th birthday 2001

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This photo of John Reese was taken April 29, 2001, at his 90th birthday celebration at the Fire Hall in McLean, New York.

Lloyd John Reese

This photo was taken the same day.

John is pictured here with his two sons and daughter at his birthday celebration.

(John, Harold, MaryRuth and Lloyd)

Shown below, from left to right:

Harold Reese and his wife, Phyllis (Cole) Reese,

Jim Teeter and MaryRuth (Reese) Teeter, John Reese,

Ernestine (Moore) Reese and Lloyd N. Reese.

He met his newest 2nd great-granddaughter, Margaret, that day.

Check out John Reese's 91st Birthday Celebration here!

See the Reese page for more!


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