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Joseph Gale's land claim in Oregon

Joseph Gale, my paternal 4th great-grandfather, filed land claims in Pike County, Illinois, in the 1830s before moving to Iowa and then to Lane County, Oregon in 1853.

A land claim was filed in Oregon as follows: (found at FamilySearch)

The record provides us with the following information about Joseph:

  • Joseph Gale, resident of Lane County, Oregon.

  • He was born in 1798 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

  • He was married to Elizabeth on July 21, 1831, in Pike County, Illinois.

  • They arrived in Oregon on Oct. 22, 1853.

  • He submitted the land claim on October 28, 1853, at the Roseburg Land Office.

Click here to learn more about Joseph Everett Gale.


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