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Joseph Huntley's last will and testament, 1758

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Joseph Huntley was born in Lyme, New London, Connecticut, on January 27, 1707/8. He married in the same county to Ruth Williams (1712-1739), daughter of Thomas Williams and Sarah Rogers. They lived in New London, on 48.75 acres of land on the "west side of Fergoes". Their firstborn son, John Huntley, was born about 1729 and three more daughters followed before Ruth died in 1739 at the age of about 27 years. Joseph married second to Eunice Welch of Preston, Connecticut, on October 24, 1741. She was a daughter of John Welch and Susanna Emmons. Joseph had seven more children with Eunice.

On October 6, 1742, Joseph sold his land in New London to his brother, Samuel Huntley. He then "returned to Lyme where he had land by gift from his father and by purchase from Samuel on 4 Mile River adjacent to his brothers Benjamin and John."

Joseph died in Lyme on June 13, 1758. His will, dated, March 2, 1758, at Lyme, is shown here as published in "John Huntley, immigrant of Boston & Roxbury, Massachusetts and Lyme, Connecticut, 1647-1977, and some of his descendants", by Virgil W. Huntley, 1978, p. 81. Joseph's widow, Eunice, then remarried to Jacob Sullard and died sometime after 1807.

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