Kern's Grist Mill at Orefield, Pennsylvania

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Two miles west of Route 309, at the corner of Kernville Road and Grist Mill Road, stands the historic Kern's Grist Mill and Dam on Jordan Creek. These photos were taken after it had rained, causing the water to appear muddy.

Built in 1806, the mill belonged to Peter Kern, who Kernsville is named after. Now standing over 200 years, this beautiful stone structure has seen generations come and go. Kern's Mill has four floors and the building measures about 40' x 50'.

A Grist Mill was a place where people would take their corn, wheat, or rye, to be ground. It would then be bagged and weighed and sold at market. The mill relied on the water from the creek to power the large grinding stones (millstones) which were used to grind the "grist".

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Kern's Mill

Kern's Mill

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