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Leonard individuals in other family books

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Following are a few pieces of Leonard family history printed in books dedicated to other family names:

Genealogical record of the Hodges family of New England - by Hodges, Almon D. (Almon Danforth), 1843-1878. Contains information on Abiah, Abigail, Abner, Albert Sanford, Almira, Amy, Asa Bradford, Belinda, Charles, Cromwell, Daniel H., Dinah, Edwin, Eliza Ann, Elisabeth, Elkanah, Ellen, Eloma, Elvira, Emeline, Emily, Ephraim, Eugene, Eunice, Eveline, Everett Russel, Experience, Fear, Freeman, George, George Russel, Georgia, Georgiana, Gustavus, Hannah, Harriet, Henry, Ichabod, Jacob, James, Jane, Jemima, Jerusha, Joanna, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Katherine, Keziah, Lee, Lemira, Levi, Levi Lyman, Lewis, Louise, Lurana, Lydia, Maria, Marrion, Martha, Mary, Mehitable, Meletiah, Nathaniel, Patience, Paul, Phebe, Rebecca, Rhoda, Sanford, Sarah, Serena, Sibyl, Simeon, Stella, Stephen, Theodora, Thomas, Timothy, William & Zebulon. (Note: Everett Russel Leonard on p. 259-260, son of George Russel Leonard of Norton, Mass., on p. 260, married Ellen Goward who was b. 1848. Also, Charles Leonard b. 1813, son of Lewis Leonard of Foxboro, Mass. and Bethiah Hodges).

Account of the centennial celebration of the town of West Springfield, Mass. - by by J. N. Bagg. Mentions Nathaniel Leonard, Norman T. Leonard, Elias Leonard, Eliphalet Leonard, Enoch, Lewis, Joseph, Thankful and James. Also, on p. 139: Leonard is listed as being "Among the first settler and earliest families of the town". Notice on page 94, Mr. Nathaniel T. Leonard wrote a letter explaining the to the author, who the other Leonards in town were in relationship to him (excerpt):

The Nicholas White Family 1643-1900 - by Thomas J. Lothrop, Taunton, Mass., 1902. The book's index contains more than two pages of Leonards from Abiel to Zephaniah.

Early Years in Smyrna and our first Old home week - by George A. Munson, 1905. Contains information about Timothy Leonard of Smyra, a revolutionary soldier who died in 1830. Also, Joseph Leonard (a.k.a. Barney Leonard) and Deloss Leonard. Smyrna was incorporated in 1829. A man by the name of Russel Leonard conducted an axe factory in Upperville, Chenango County, New York.

This page will be updated. Please feel free to add any books you know of in the comments!


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