Leonard marriages in Central New York

This tidbit was found in a typed manuscript called "Early marriages from newspapers published in central New York; v. 01" on FamilySearch. On page 112, the following Leonard marriages are recorded:

  • Alfred Leonard, Jr. of Clay, and Sarah Bruce, of Clay. At Oswego, Aug. 8, 1846. Onondaga Democrat.

  • Ann S. Leonard (See Asa Barnes) On page 11, Asa Barnes entry reads as follows: "Barnes, Asa, of Wisconsin, late of Pompey, and Ann S., daughter of David H. Leonard, of De Witt. At De Witt (Mar. 3), 1847. (Onondaga Democrat)".

  • David H. Leonard (See Asa Barnes) ^

  • David Leonard and Joanna Hannum. June 14, 1838. St. James Church Record, Skaneateles.

  • Ezra Leonard and Mrs. Sarah Adams. At Skaneateles, Feb. 2, 1848.

  • Hiram J. Leonard. (See top of p. 113). "Leonard, Hiram J., of Lafayette, and Sarah C. Lamson, of Arcadia. At Arcadia, (Sept. 22) 1847. (Onon. Democrat)."

  • Jarvis Leonard of Vienna, and Polly Bishop, of Verona. At Verona, April 23, 1820. Onondaga Register.

  • Jennette Leonard. (See George S. Hall) On page 82, George Hall's entry reads as follows: "Hall, George S. and Jennette Leonard. At Auburn, (Feb. 23) 1831. (Onondaga Register)".

  • Samuel Leonard and Maria Austin. At Skaneateles, Nov. 24, 1819. Onondaga Register.

You can browse this book, free online at http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/529564

Creator: Beauchamp, William Martin, 1830-1925 and Lodder, Grace Beauchamp

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