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Lewis Clark Harvey

Lewis Clark Harvey was a son of John Clark Harvey and Betsy. Because Lewis and his father, John, both went by their middle names "Clark", it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. There were also other men named Lewis Harvey in the area during the same period.

Lewis was married to Alvina "Vina" Hollenbeck and had several children. He died on April 12, 1941 and is buried in Virgil Cemetery. Vina died in 1949.

Following are some newspaper clippings regarding Lewis Clark Harvey. The editorial, "A Community Problem" was most likely not written by Lewis, but perhaps a relative.

"Funeral services will be conducted for Lewis C. Harvey, 69, of Tunnell, town of Greene, tomorrow afternoon at 2 at the Rogers Funeral Home in Greene. Mr. Harvey, a former resident of Virgil, was found dead in his home on Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Carl Meacham, Chenango County coroner, and Trooper J. L. Heath of the State Police were summoned and found that Mr. Harvey had died from natural causes. He had lain down on a sofa in the Livingroom of his home, where the body was found. Mr. Harvey, who was born in Harford Mills on April 6, 1872, was the son of Clark and Bessie Harvey. He grew up in Cortland County and spent many years in the town of Virgil where he worked as a carpenter. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Vina Harvey of Cortland, R.D. 1, three daughters, Mrs. Agnes Wing and Mrs. Cora Chase of Cortland, R.D. 1, and Mrs. Grace Sager of East Homer; three sons, Jay Harvey of Cortland, R.D. 2, John Harvey of Endicott, and Osborne Harvey of Sempronius, and a brother, Newman Harvey of Groton. He also leaves 13 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Following the funeral service tomorrow, burial will take place in the Virgil Cemetery." (Cortland Standard, April 4, 1941)

His wife, Vina Hollenbeck, died in 1949. Her obituary is as follows:

Vina's obituary, printed in the Cortland Democrat (above), reads: "Mrs. Vina Harvey, 86, died Sunday in the Wylie Nursing Home in Cortland. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hollenbeck, she was born December 16, 1862, in Virgil where she lived all her life except for six years spent in Cortland. She was the widow of Clark Harvey. Surviving her are two sons, Jay Harvey of Virgil, Osborne Harvey of Moravia; two daughters, Mrs. Claude Seager of Cortland, Mrs. Cora Chase of Fulton; 10 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. Funeral services were held Tuesday at the Wright Funeral Home, Cortland. Interment in Virgil. (Cortland Democrat, Aug. 19, 1949)

Notice, their daughter, Cora (Harvey) Chase is mentioned. See clippings pertaining to Cora here. In 1920, when the census was taken, Cora was 14 and was living in the home of her uncle and aunt, Newman & Gertrude Harvey and their children, (Cora's cousins), Bessie Mae Harvey, Mary Esther Harvey, and Ruth E. Harvey. That was the only census on which she was found in the home. She was listed as "daughter", but this was not the case according to Cora's 1923 marriage license on which her parents names are given as Lewis Harvey and Vinna Hollenbeck.

A note to others researching this line, in the book, Ancestors of Florence Julia Brown, information on page 17, raises some questions, specifically under #4, claiming Daniel Brown (born 1844) had a daughter named Vinna Brown who married Newman Harvey. This may refer to Carrie V. Brown, who married Newman A. Harvey on Jan. 8, 1898, in Harford.


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