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Lineage of the Decker Family

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

The Lineage of the Decker Family was published in segments in Olde Ulster: an historical and genealogical magazine, in a series of issues from 1906 to 1909:

Volume 2 in August 1906 (pages 244-249):

Continued in Volume 3 in January 1907 (pages 27-30):

Continued in Volume 5 in April 1909 (pages 120-126):

Continued in Volume 5 in May 1909 (pages 155-159):

Continued in Volume 5 in June 1909 (page 181-183):

I have yet to find my connection to this Decker family. My 2nd great-grandfather, Charles Gilbert Decker, was born in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, abt. 1863. He lived in Warwick and Port Jervis, New York, and died in Walden, New York in 1909. His widow, Lydia Decker, lived in Hamburg, Sussex County, New Jersey - all towns associated with this Decker family.

For more on my Decker family, see the "Decker" page or for other Deckers possibly related, see the "Other Deckers" page.

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