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Lloyd N. Reese in college

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

After my grandfather briefly mentioned the name of one of the colleges he attended to become a licensed minister of the Assemblies of God church, I decided to see if I could track down a copy of his yearbook. It was while he attended that college that he met both my grandmother and the young lady who would later become his second wife, after my grandmother died in 1954.

I went online and found one copy of a yearbook from Metropolitan Bible Institute (Suffern, New York), and inquired with the seller to see if my grandfather's name was in it. It was! He was a freshman that year. Without hesitation I purchased the book and was ecstatic to find photos I had never seen of my grandfather (Lloyd Reese), my grandmother (Margaret Dickinson), and my step-grandmother (Ann Coco). Televangelist, Morris Cerullo, was also a classmate of theirs.

I scanned all the pages and sent the book to my grandfather, who took a trip down memory lane. I then uploaded the copy to for anyone else interested in viewing it. Take a look! (Click the pages to turn the page)

For more on these families, see the Reese page and the Dickinson page.


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