Long Island Genealogies

An excellent resource for Long Island, New York genealogies is this work published in 1895 by Mary P. Bunker. The title speaks for itself:

"Long Island Genealogies. Families of Albertson, Andrews, Bedell, Birdsall, Bowne, Carman, Carr, Clowes, Cock, Cornelius, Covert, Dean, Doughty, Duryea, Feke, Frost, Haff, Hallock, Haydock, Hicks, Hopkins, Jackson, Jones, Keese, Ketchum, Kirby, Loines, Marvin, Merritt, Moore, Mott, Oakley, Onderdonck, Pearsall, Post, Powell, Prior, Roebins, Rodman, Rowland, Rushmore, Sands, Scudder, Seaman, Searing, Smith, Strickland, Titus, Townsend, Underhill, Valentine, Vanderdonk, Weeks, Whitman, Whitson, Willets, Williams, Willis, Wright, and other families. Being kindred descendants of Thomas Powell."

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Two branches of my family tree are found in this book. Capt. John Underhill is found on pages 297-307. Another ancestor, Robert Feke (Feake), is found on pages 202-203.

Researchers Note: There are four counties on Long Island:

Kings County, Queens County, Nassau County & Suffolk County.

Choose a county to find resources each county!

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