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Lucy Dickinson (1909-1916)

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Lucy Ellen Dickinson was a daughter of Harry Dickinson and his wife, Annie (Robinson). Lucy was born on April 29, 1909 in New Jersey - on her brother, William's 7th birthday.

Tragically, their mother died in May of 1913, when Lucy was just four years old. Then, three years later, on August 12, 1916, Lucy joined her mother in Fairmount Cemetery in Newark, New Jersey, just a few blocks from their home on South Seventh Street. Her remains are in Youth Section 3. She was only seven years old.

Lucy's sister, Emma, remembers her in her journal entry for April 29, 1919. "Today is William and Lucy's birthday. While we have a vacant chair, yet we still have her memory and we had the candle on the cake for Lucy and William for she is always like a little candle burning in the night." (Emma's entire 1919 journal is available here).

The entrance to Fairmount Cemetery is shown here. Fairmount is an exceedingly beautiful cemetery, a fine resting place for a sweet little angel like Lucy, and her mother, Annie.

In the cemetery's burial register, Lucy's name was mistakenly written "Dickerson", stating that she was buried on August 13, 1916. Her entry is the sixth below her mother's in the register, shown here:

Her death date is confirmed in the Dickinson family Bible, which states she died on August 12, 1916.

Rest in peace, Lucy Ellen Dickinson.


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