Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors of the Revolutionary War is an amazing collection of data in 17 volumes arranged alphabetically by last name. You can find these online at (free). Use these links to make it easy. Simply select the book the surname you are researching falls between.

VOL 1 - A to Ber

VOL 2 - Bes to Byx

VOL 3 - C to Cor

VOL 4 - Cos to Dr

VOL 5 - Du to Fo

VOL 6 - Fr to Gy

VOL 7 - Ha to Hi

VOL 8 - Hm to Jy

VOL 9 - Ka to Ls

VOL 10 - Lu to Mop (alternate link)

VOL 11 - Mor to Paz (alternate link)

VOL 12 - Pe to Ra

VOL 13 - Re to Se

VOL 14 - Sh to Sth

VOL 15 - Sti to Toz

VOL 16 - Tra to Whe

VOL 17 - Whi to Zyr (alternate link)

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