Maynard and Ada Reese on the census 1900-1910

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Maynard and Ada Reese were married in January of 1900 and when the census was taken six months later in June, they were living with the family of Maynard's older sister, Sarah J. Swank, in Franklin, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Maynard was working as a farm laborer. Maynard and Ada had no children yet. Some inconsistencies are found. For example, his name was spelled Menard and his age was given as 25. His birth was reported as April 1875 instead of 1874.

In 1910, Maynard was working as a Woodsman and he and Ada were renting a home in Ada's hometown of Davidson, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. Maynard was 37 and Ada was 26. Four children were found in the home: Edith, Martha, Ray and Ernest. The census is shown below.

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