Memoirs of the Leonard, Thompson, and Haskell families

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Memoirs of the Leonard, Thompson, and Haskell families : with their collateral families of Alden, Andrews, Bell ... and many others, by Caroline Louisa Leonard Goodenough, 1856-1946, published 1928.

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Other lines associated with the Leonard line include Alden, Andrews, Bell, Bourne, Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Chipman, Cooke, Crossman, Goodell, Goodenough, Gorham, Hall, Hathaway, Hicks, Hinckley, Hodges, Howland, Jenny, Kingsley, Lincoln, Merrick, Otis, Packard, Paine, Pearl, Phillips, Price, Smith, Sturtevant, Swift, Thomas, Wadsworth, White, Wood and many others.

On page 2, the author explains the origins of the Bridgewater Leonards as follows:

Following are some of the other information provided in this book:

For more Leonard history, see the Leonard page.

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