Millions of Holocaust Records are now at your fingertips, free!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

More than 13 million documents pertaining to the holocaust and its victims have been published online by Arolsen Archives, in partnership with the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. These documents are part of "UNESCO's Memory of the World" and include items such as prisoner cards, incarceration documents, and death notices. Other items are still being added.

Click here to access the collection. From there you can search click "Browse archive" to view the various collections. These are hand-written, typed forms and documents and some even include photographs and personal information.

There is other important general holocaust material provided as well. For example, on the Browse Archive page, in "Incarceration Documents 1.1 - Camps and Ghettos", an interactive map showing the location of each of the concentration camps is provided.

Click here for more resources to trace Jewish genealogy.

Click here for thousands of free genealogy resources.

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