Missing info on George Rees

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

So little is known of my earliest known Reese ancestor in America, George Rees. Following is a list of information to find. Please contact me or comment below if you can help answer any of these questions:

  • Was his full name George Rees(e) or Johann George Rees(e)?

  • Who were his parents?

  • When and where was he born?

  • Where was he counted on the census in 1790, 1800, and 1830? (See 1810 and 1820 here).

  • What was his wife’s maiden name?

  • When and where was his wife born?

  • Who were his wife’s parents?

  • When and where did they marry?

  • When and where did his wife die?

  • Did he fight in the American Revolution?

  • Was he related to Daniel Rees who was born in 1763, married Jane Dill in Philadelphia in 1788, and died in Hemlock in 1820?

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