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Mourt's Relation, or Journal of Plymouth Plantation

In the past I have shared many resources pertaining to the pilgrims and early settlers of New England. You can find most of them on the Mayflower Resources page and if you haven't seen my interactive Mayflower Passenger List, you might find it useful. Bradford's journal and "History of Plymouth Plantation" provide some personal information about the Mayflower passengers, but another book, called "Mourt's Relation", provides a very detailed account of the events from the departure from Leyden to their arrival and settlement at Plymouth, or Plimoth as it was often written.

"Cushman carried, in addition to Bradford’s letter to Weston, a manuscript that would become an invaluable historic recording of the Pilgrims first thirteen months in America known today as Mourt’s Relation. Believed written by Bradford and Edward Winslow, it recounts the First Thanksgiving and the abundance of the New World." [Wikipedia]

Read in online (free) at here: [Alternate link]


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