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Newman and Gertrude Harvey's Home

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

When Newman and Gertrude Harvey "were the founders of the Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in Groton of which Mrs. Harvey and their daughter Mrs. Bessie Conklin for many years served as ministers". They lived in the home at 301 South Elmwood Ave, which was adjacent to the church property (perhaps the parsonage), shown here. Click the image to move around. [Alternate link]

This photo of their home was contributed by Sandy Jackson, great-granddaughter of Newman and Gertie Harvey, who remembers Newman living here. The address is also confirmed in the Newman's obituary printed in the Groton Journal.

This photo of the church, Glad Tidings Assembly, was copied from the album of Harold Reese. Gertrude Harvey's funeral was held here in 1937.

This is an enhanced and cropped version. The people have not been identified, but I was told the gentleman on the right, wearing the hat and suit, was Newman Harvey and that the house on the right was where he lived. It does not appear to be the same building as seen in the image above, but the house is still there. It's obvious the church building is much larger today.

Glad Tidings Assembly


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