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Nicholas Hollenbeck's land in Marathon & Willet

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Nicholas Hollenbeck built this impressive Carpenter Gothic Style home in Willet, New York, in 1885. Featuring first floor porches on either side of a central gable with a bow window.

This treasured photograph was shared by Nancy Hollenbeck. Whether or not the house still stands, is unknown. This home may have been on Johnson Road, or perhaps off of Bloody Pond Road. See the map below, which shows the locations of properties owned by Nicholas Hollenbeck in Lots 67 and 76.

  • In 1854, Nicholas purchased land from Christian SHEVALIER for $500, a tract about two miles west of Willet. (Bk 23,446).

  • In 1858, he purchased one acre, a portion of Military Lot 67 in Willet for $30. (Bk 30,188).

  • In 1859, he purchased 50 acres of Military Lot 77 in Willet for $800. (Bk 30,598) and also 100 acres of the same lot for $1,200. (Bk 30,599).

  • In 1866, he purchased 50 more acres of Military Lot 77 in Willet for $1,500 (Bk 42,317).

  • In 1867, he purchased more of Military Lot 77 from someone living in Syracuse for $1,000. (Bk 47,55).

  • In 1870, he purchased a portion of Military Lot 68 from WILSON of Waterbury, Connecticut. (Bk 51,220) and also a portion of Military Lot 66 from Manly CAMPBELL of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

  • In 1875, he bought more land from Manly CAMPBELL in Marathon and Willet, (Bk 58,303).


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