Quaker Records of Otsego County

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

This contains Quaker Records from Duanesburgh (later Butternuts), Otsego County, New York. Births from 1778 to 1861 and deaths from 1809 to 1869 are recorded.

Includes surnames: Allen, Baley, Bennett, Bennington, Bice, Bowne, Brown, Buckaise, Buckout, Bull, Bunnell, Burgess, Carpenter, Chambers, Chase, Collins, Converse, Cornell, Crandal, Darling, Dorland, Emerson, Finch, Furman, Garton, Gibson, Goldsmith, Gorton, Gould, Green, Gross, Haight, Hall, Hoag, Holcomb, Hopkins, Jonson, Keley, Kelly, Kenyon, Kiniyon, Light, Lunn, Lyon, Meritha, Miller, Mott, Niles, Pearsall, Peet, Reynolds, Rogers, Rundell, Shove, Smith, Soden, Sodin, Taber, Thorn, Torton, Truman, Varna, Wanzer, Weaver, White, Wilber, Wilbour, Wilbur, Wing

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