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Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society Vol 1-24

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Beginning in 1900, the Oregon Historical Society published a quarterly magazine full of information about the early settlement of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

You can access volumes 1-24 of The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society for free at using the links below:

  • Volume 1 - 1900 [Link] The Oregon Trail, The Camp fire of the pioneers, Reminiscences of William M. Case, Commonwealth Government, Reminiscences of Hugh Cosgrove, Dr. Elliott Coues, A day with the Cow Column in 1843, Glimpses of life in early Oregon, the U.S. public land system and its relation to education, Indian names, Reminiscences of Louis LaBonte and of F. X. Matthieu, John McLoughlin's statement to parties in England, McLoughlin and Old Oregon, Missionary history of the Pacific Northwest, the number and condition of the Native Race in Oregon when first seen by white men, Oregon Emigrants prairie and mountain life, Excerpts on Oregon from New York Tribune of 1842, the process of selection in Oregon Pioneer Settlement, The Oregon Question, the Spanish word "Oregano" not the original of Oregon, A Tribute to the Ox Whip, Pilgrims of the Plains, Pioneers of the Pacific, Nathaniel J. Wyeth correspondence.

  • Volume 2 - 1901 [Link] Political history of Oregon from 1853-1865, The Aurora Community, Columbia River men in California, Customs of the Northwest coast Indians, Flotsam and Jetsam of the Pacific, Reminiscences of Alanson Hinman, Indian troubles in California 1849, Hall J. Kelley, Lewis and Clark, An Oregon Literature, Nez Perce Indians, Provisional Government, Reminiscences of Clement Adams Bradbury, Rem. of Experiences on the Oregon Trail in 1844.

  • Volume 3 - 1902 [Link] Across the continent, American fur trade in the far west, Archives of Oregon, Astoria taken possession of by Captain James Biddle on behalf of the US, John Ball, Barlow Road, Grandma Mrs. Tabitha Brown, Letters of Peter H. Burnett, The First Oregon Cavalry, Documents relating to the Columbia River, The Conquest, The Willamette Woolen Factory, Geography and history, Francis Fuller Victor Historian of the Northwest, Recollections of Horace Holden, Sheep Husbandry in Oregon, The Oregon Meeting in Iowa, James Jory, The Kentucky Memorial, Letters of Tallmadge B. Wood, Letters of Peter H. Burnett, Lewis and Clark the true story, the Oregon Central Railroad, Political History, History of the Press of Oregon 1839-1850, Reminiscences of Daniel Knight Warren.

  • Volume 4 - 1903 [Link] The Educational, Social, and Economic History of Astoria, Dorsey S. Baker a pioneer railroad builder, the Upper Calapooia, Joseph Watt, Lewis and Clark centennial, Oregon in the Civil War, Code of Oregon, Reminiscences of Anson Sterling Cone, Early days in Oregon, the Great West and the two Easts, Biography of Joseph Holman, Reminiscences of Mrs. Rebeka Hopkins, papers from Independence, History and Indian tradition of Minto Pass, Indian Wars of Southern Oregon, Recollections of Louis La Bonte's Men, Early schools in Lane County, the Montures on French Prairie, Pioneer papers of Puget Sound, Paternalism, In Memoriam of Willard H. Rees, From Walla Walla to San Francisco, Letter of Jedediah S. Smith, Letter of William L. Sublette, Reminiscences of Mrs. Anna Tremewan, papers of Weston, Missouri, Letters of Tallmadge B. Wood.

  • Volume 5 - 1904 [Link] The Mercer Immigration, two cargoes of Maidens for the Sound Country, The Evolution of Spokane and Stevens Counties, Extract from Recollections of an Indian Agent, Antecedents of the Oregon Pioneers and the light they shed on their motives, Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer

  • Volume 6 - 1905 [Link] The higher significance in the Lewis and Clark Exploration, the story of Lewis and Clark's Journals, Dr. John Scouler's Journal of a voyage to the northwest, Horace S. Lyman photo and biographical sketch, Origin of Pacific University, the political beginning of Washington Territory, The Unity of History, Aspects of Oregon History before 1840, First Report of the Conference of State and Local Historical Societies, The Winning of the Oregon Country, Notes on the Colonization of Oregon, Meriwether Lewis, Functions of the Oregon Historical Society, Washington Activities in History, Sketch of journey to Sandwich Islands, Accessions, index included.

  • Volume 7 - 1906 [Link] Route across the Rocky Mountains with a description of Oregon and California, History of the finances of the Cayuse War, the first fruits of the land, Jason Lee addresses at memorial services, Jason Lee lineage and allegiances, James W. Nesmith diary and reminiscences of Table Rock Council, Oregon Central Railroad, Samuel Penter, Robert Valentine Short, A new opportunity in the building of a State.

  • Volume 8 - 1907 [Link] Oregon's Agricultural Society, Judge Reuben Patrick Boise, Professor Thomas Condon, Finances of the Territorial Period 1849-1859, Recollections of an Indian agent, Bibliography of Hall Jackson Kelley, dedication of McLoughlin Institute at Oregon City, Mormon settlements in the Missouri Valley, Oregon condition in the fifties (1850s), historic sites in Eugene, the marking of historic sites, The Vancouver Reservation Case, Occupation of the Columbia River, Diary of Asahel and Eliza Munger, Letter of George E. Pickett.

  • Volume 9 - 1908 [Link] Mrs. Jesse Applegate, Edward Dickinson Baker, Contests over the Capital of Oregon, Oregon's first monopoly, The wax of Nehalem Beach, Doctor Robert Newell (Pioneer), Political beginnings in Oregon, Slavery in Oregon.

  • Volume 10 - 1909 [Link] DeSmet in the Oregon Country, Oregon financial history, The discovery and exploration of Fraser River, Land tenure in Oregon, Father Wilbur and his works, John Brown's official report of the raid upon Harper's Ferry VA 1859, Marriage Certificate, Warre and Vavasour's Military Reconnaissance in Oregon, Journal of John Work.

  • Volume 11 - 1910 [Link] Oregon Counties, the sale of Oregon lands, Recollections of a pioneer of 1859 Lawson Stockman, the Peter Skene Ogden Journals, about Judge George H. Williams, the Democratic regime, the Union Movement of 1862, includes index.

  • Volume 12 - 1911 [Link] John Jacob Astor's expedition, A Hero of Old Astoria, The First Born on the Oregon Trail, Financial History of Oregon, Ogden Fountain on Powder River, Early navigation of the Fuca Straits, Preservation of Indian Names, Oregon System, Political parties, Echo of Campaign of Sixty, Pathfinder David Thompson and the Columbia River, the oldest Apple Tree seedling in the Pacific Northwest, the movement for the State Park at Champoeg, a Long Roll of Eminent Dead, Two Eminent Oregonians Die, Flax culture in the early days, Lone Tree on Oregon Trail, Oregon historical literature, Memorial issue of the Daily Oregonian, Pioneer reunion, The Gun Powder Story.

  • Volume 13 - 1912 [Link] The Trail of the Astorians, Bake County Centennial of the arrival of the first white men, Barlow Road, British and America in a common government for Oregon Territory in 1844, John C. Calhoun as Secretary of War 1817-1825, John Fiske's change of attitude on the Whitman Legend, Prehistoric Oregon, A Brief History of the Oregon Provisional Gov't, Oregon sentiment, the earliest travelers on the Oregon Trail, Reminiscences of Seventy years, transmission of intelligence in early days in Oregon, marking the Oregon trail in Nebraska and the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas, Indiana provides housing for State and Local Archives, historical society buildings, 69th Anniversary of the first American Civil Government West of the Rocky Mountains, Memorial of citizens of Astoria protesting against the proposed removal of Distributing Post Office and Port of Entry to Pacific City in 1850, letter by James W. Nesmith to friends in the east 1845, letter of Sir George Simpson 1848, Slacum's report on Oregon 1836-1837, Rev. & Mrs. Spalding's letters after crossing the continent in 1836, John Work's journal of Snake River Expedition 1830.

  • Volume 14 - 1913 [Link] Why not folk festival in rose festival, Reminiscences of Capt. William P. Gray, Oregon in 1863, Burr Osborn 1846 expedition, all about Harvey W. Scott, Father Wilbur as Indian Agent 1886, Report on Oregon 1846 by Lt. Neil M. Howison, Letter of Daniel H. Lownsdale, cost of improvements made by John McLoughlin at Willamette Falls 1851, Alexander Ross' journal of snake country expedition, journal of Willard E. Smith with fur traders Vasquez and Sublette 1839-1841, Journal of John Work on Snake Country Expedition, Coman's economic beginnings.

  • Volume 15 - 1914 [Link] An Almanac of 1776, Recollections of General E. L. Applegate, History of Astoria Railroad, Bargain of 1844, Dedication of Block House, Champoeg, Marion County, Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of Oregon, French Canadian influence, fur trade in the Columbia River Basin prior to 1811, Memorial Address for Francis Xavier Matthieu, Old Fort Okanogan and the Okanogan Trail, Presbyterianism on the Pacific Coast, Reminiscences of Samuel L. Simpson, Note on Autobiography of David Thompson., Quincy Adams Brooks letter of 1851 an account of crossing the plains, Gen. Rufus Ingalls letter, Emigration from Iowa to Oregon in 1843, Letter of John McLoughlin, Journal of David Thompson, Samuel Royal Thurston diary, Letter of Gen. George Wright to James W. Nesmith 1861.

  • Volume 16 - 1915 [Link] Origin and building of Celilo Canal, the Celebration of the Open Columbia, Dalles-Celilo Canal opening, celebration, portage and influence, The Methodist Mission claim to the Townsite Dalles, Emigrating companies, early farming in Umatilla County, The Indian Wars in Washington Territory, Indian words in our language, A tribute to John Minto, Oregon City Canal and Locks, Pacific Coast Survey, Reminiscences of William H. Packwood, Provisional government 1845, the speech of Eli Thayer on the admission of Oregon as a State, Capt. Joseph R. Walker, Yaquina Railroad, Obituaries of Thomas W. Prosch, Mrs. Virginia McCarver Prosch, Miss Margaret Lenora Denny, and Mrs. H.F. Beecher, Correspondence of Rev. Ezra Fisher, Letter of William S. Pickrell.

  • Volume 17 - 1916 [Link] The Indian of the Northwest as revealed by the earliest journals, Correspondence of Ezra Fisher, the movement in Oregon for a Pacific Coast republic, letter from Dr. John McLoughlin 1844, the Klamath exploring expedition of 1850, Reminiscences of Mrs. Frank Collins nee Martha Elizabeth Gilliam, letters of Elihu Wright to his brother Samuel Wright 1822-1824, Diary of Rev. Jason Lee III, index included.

  • Volume 18 - 1917 [Link] The log of the H.M.S. Chatham, the pioneer stimulus of gold, State historical archives, The Meaning, Origin and Application of Idaho, Hall Jackson Kelley, news and comments, obituaries, Where is Point Vancouver, Soil Repair Lessons in Willamette Valley.

  • Volume 19 - 1918 [Link] Umpqua Academy Reminiscences and Recollections, Annals of Oregon, The Surrender at Astoria in 1818, George Wood Ebbert, Federal Relations of Oregon, Enoch Pinkney Henderson, an event of 100 years ago, Early History of Southern Oregon, Federal Relations of Oregon, Deaths of Pioneers 1917-1918, a sketch of Joel Ware, News and Comment.

  • Volume 20 - 1919 [Link] The British Side of the Restoration of Fort Astoria, Boundaries of the Northwest, the beginnings of Christianity in Oregon, Historical Tablet at Oregon City, The Federal Relations of Oregon, Qualities of the Oregon Pioneers, The Pioneer, Polk and Oregon with a Pakenham Letter, History of the Narrow-Gauge in the Railroad, The Snake River in History, Where was Blue Bucket Mine, Pacific Railroad dates, Name of Mount Rainier, Frequency of slight earthquakes, Annual meeting of the Oregon pioneers, Encampment of Indian Fighters, The Battleship Oregon, Airplane and Stage Coach, Monument for Captain Hembree, Mr. Teals "The Pioneer", Examination of Nachess Trail, Death list of Oregon Pioneers 1918-1919.

  • Volume 21 - 1920 [Link] The Strange Case of Jonathan Carver and the name Oregon, David Thompson and Beginnings in Idaho, Methodists in Oregon, educational plans and efforts to 1860, History of Oregon Normal Schools, the meaning and application of Oregon, Oregon Country early explorations, Pacific University, The Log of the Princesa, Spain and England's quarrel over the Oregon Country, Rev. William Roberts' letters, Ewing Young's estate,

  • Volume 22 - 1921 [Link] John Boit's log of the Columbia 1790-3, Emigrant Road into Southern Oregon, Federal Indian Relations, Capt. Robert Gray's log of the Columbia 1792, the origin of the name Oregon, Oregon boundary question, sketch of the Rogue River Valley, the struggle for San Juan Island, Robert Rogers proposal, Letter of S.H. Taylor, request of Dr. Marcus Whitman.

  • Volume 23 - 1922 [Link] Source of the name Oregon, Education, the first Indian School, John Kendrick and his sons, Prehistoric mounds, History of the Oregon Mission Press, Oregon Question, Oregon caves, Reservation policy, Mining laws of Jackson County, Mission Record Book of M.E. Church in Willamette Station, John Ordway's letter to his parents, William M. Roberts letters, Ex-slaves facts in the case of Robin Holmes vs Nathaniel Ford, Willamette Mission.

  • Volume 24 - 1923 [Link] More about Astorians, Recollections of Benjamin Franklin Bonney, Letters relating to the 2nd Voyage of the Columbia, Reminiscences of James E. R. Harrell, A history of high school legislation to 1910, First newspapers of Southern Oregon and their editors, a Northwest fur trader in the Hawaiian Islands, Memorial to Peter Skene Ogden, Ewing Young in the fur trade of the far southwest 1822-34, Letter of Peter H. Burnett 1844, Letter of James Douglas to Gov. George Abernathy, Letters of Colonel Thornton Grimsley, Fine Stock Purchases for Oregon, Journal of John Work on a trip from Fort Vancouver to Umpqua River and Return in 1834.

  • Volume 92 - 1991 (#3) [Link] Indian Removal on the Oregon Coast 1875-1881, The Women of Fort Vancouver, John Bailey on How some things never change.


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