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Raid at the Dryden Hotel

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Sometimes you can find things in newspapers that you're not expecting to find.

For example, while browsing through a 1948 newspaper, you wouldn't expect to find a story from 1913, yet here it is. While this is a story about prohibition, small town newspapers often commemorated major events in the personal lives of the locals, too. I remember finding one about my 2nd great-grandfather being struck by lightning in 1916. The story was mentioned again in 1917 and then again in 1936 under the "Twenty Years Ago" column. Normally I wouldn't have clicked on 1936 article among the hundreds of search results, since he died in 1927, but if I hadn't I would have missed that clipping.

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"Nineteen barrels of cider, aged in the wood, were destroyed in Ithaca upon order of the State Excise Dept. The cider was seized in a raid at the Dryden Hotel, in Sept. 1908, and had been stored in Ithaca awaiting the court decision. Town of Dryden was called on to pay $300 storage charges, but the town board considered it unreasonable and refused to pay it." - Cortland Democrat, Nov. 26, 1948.


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