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Riverhead (Long Island) 63 years ago

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Identifying the places in these old slides I've been scanning and organizing for the past few weeks has been challenging, but interesting. After grouping the photos by the date stamped on the slides, I was able to determine that the four photos shown here were all taken on the same roll of film, which was developed in September, 1958.

Only the photo of the homes along the shore was labeled. It says: "Shoreline at Riverhead". Another clue can be seen in the photo with the blue tanker that says "Northville Oil" on it's side. I went to Google Maps to search for Riverhead and the first result was in New York. I zoomed in to see if there was a town called Northville near this Riverhead and, sure enough, I found that both Riverhead and Northville is a Hamlet within the Town of Riverhead on the north shore of Long Island in New York. Riverhead has been the official county seat of Suffolk County since 1727.

Looking down in birdseye view, I noticed a location in Northville with large circular tanks. Could this be the place? Dropping down to street level, I was surprised to see the exact spot where the photo was taken 63 years ago. It appears to be the location of the United River Terminal, Inc. on Sound Shore Road in Riverhead.

Compare this Google Street View with the photo below:

I haven't been able to pinpoint the other locations in this set of photos, but maybe people from Riverhead will appreciate the old photos.


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