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Roger Chandler in the American Genealogist Magazine

Recently I indexed all the issues of The American Genealogist Magazine I could find - a tedious task, to say the least - but while I was doing it, I came across several articles and abstracts about my own family. One article I found informative, was one called "The probable identity of the daughters of Roger Chandler of Duxbury, Mass.", written by Frederick C. Warner, sharing his research and theories. It was published in 1951 in Volume 27, Issue 1, pages 1-6. The pages are saved here for anyone interested. Feel free to print or save it to have your own copy.

As mentioned in my previous blog about Roger Chandler, found here, his daughter Sarah, married Solomon Leonard of Duxbury, who is the progenitor of my Leonard lineage.

If you have documented information about Roger Chandler or his family, please contribute to his profile on Wikitree (click here).



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