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Site improvements April 2019

You may have noticed there have been no blog updates for the past several weeks on This is because I have been working on the "Free Genealogy Resources" side of the site. Over 25,000 new resources have been added and indexed to help with your genealogy searches!

You can now select the State, County, and city or town your ancestors lived in and easily find resources relating to that place. For those in my family, you will see my blogs (if any) related to the place as well. Just choose from the drop-down menus at the top of the site's pages.

For example, one of my great-grandfathers, Percy Daniels, was born in Olympia, Thurston County, Washington. His detailed profile can be found from the Index of Ancestors page, including memorabilia, photos and documents pertaining to his life. Now we can also visit the State, County, and/or town's pages to potentially find additional resources or to learn more about the place and view maps. Following is the page for Thurston County:

The search feature is still available and includes all the valuable new resources. Check it out and see what you can find! Your feedback is appreciated!


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