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Solve your password problems

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

While researching my family tree online, I have visited just about every genealogy site there is and many of them require users to create an account in order to access or contribute information. This small book is extremely useful in keeping all those passwords at your fingertips. The pages are alphabetized so you can write the website, username and password on the page corresponding with the first letter (or number) of the website's name.

Spiral bound or Paperback, available in red or black. 55 pages. 6" x 9",

Order now by selecting a color and be sure to come back and tell us what you think or any improvements or ideas you may have. Your feedback is appreciated!

Spiral RED only $9 (Buy here)

Spiral BLACK only $9 (Buy here)

Paperback RED only $6 (Buy here)

Paperback BLACK only $6 (Buy here)

Interior layout

Password Books

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