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Leonards at St. Dunstan's in Canterbury

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Canterbury is a city in Kent, which is one of the most popular cities to visit in England. A Norman castle, the oldest school in the world, walls dating back to Roman occupation, the famous Canterbury Tales and more, make it well worth the trip to southeastern England.

​The first recorded settlement at Canterbury was called Cantium, home of a Celtic Tribe of people called Cantiaci. The Welsh called it "Caire Ceint", meaning Fortress of Kent. The Jutes occupied it and called it "Cantwareburh", meaning Kentish Stronghold, the name which became "Canterbury". (Wikipedia)

Saint Dunstan's is a church in Canterbury, with birth, marriage and burials recorded since 1559. If you have ancestors from Kent, you may find their names in their records, which were published in 1887 in the book shown here. I noticed some Leonard records in the index, so I looked them up. (See summary of the Leonards below).

This map shows the location of Saint Dunstan in Canterbury. You can click "View Larger Map" and go to street level by zooming in or dragging the yellow person icon to the street. (Alternate link).

The following Leonards are listed among the vital records of Saint Dunstan's, Canterbury, from 1559 to 1800. The follows is an excerpt from the index of the book. Use the book to find the page(s) you'd like to see. I looked up all the pages with John or Solomon Leonard.

  • on p. 8 - Christenings Oct 17, 1607 Jone* Leonard, filia Johannis (*"In A.R. Joanna")

  • on p. 51 - Christenings Dec 1, 1745 John, s. of Cloudsley and Sarah lennard

  • on p. 75 - Marriages Oct 14, 1599 John Leonard & Mary Johnson

  • on p. 85 - Marriages Jan 25, 1647 John Leonard of Tha:, widdower, and Mary Webb of St Dunsta'e, wid.

  • on p. 107 - Burials Feb 11, 1560 Agnes Leonard and April 30, 1564, Jane Leonard.

  • on p. 108 - Burials Oct 23, 1565 Solomon Leonard

  • on p. 115 - Burials April 15, 1604 Mary Leonard and Dec 28, 1607 Johannes Leonard

  • on p. 116 - Burials May 19, 1610 Johanna Leonard, filia Johannis

  • on p. 120 - Burials Jan 16, 1622 Mary Leonard, wydow

For more Leonard history, see the Leonard page.


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