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The American Genealogist Magazine - Part 3 (Vol 31-85)

Updated: May 24, 2022

The American Genealogist was a magazine published beginning in 1899, containing a variety of valuable genealogical information you might have difficulty finding elsewhere. It's focus is Connecticut, New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The American Genealogist was released quarterly to subscribers who probably hoped to find some material relevant to their family history, but today we can access many of the issues free online anytime.

In my last two blogs - Part 1 and Part 2 of this collection were indexed. There are marriage records, baptismal records, wills, complete family histories and so much more in this magazine. It is worth taking the time to at least browse through the list of contents of each issue to see if some obscure information about your ancestors can be found. I've made it easy for you by typing out the contents of each issue. Search the page (Ctrl+F) if you're checking for something specific, but remember, this page contains only the contents, not every name in the volume.

Below is a list of all the issues of The American Genealogist Magazine volumes 31 or later that I could find.

If you find anything about your family or find that any of the links aren't working properly, please let us know in the comments below.

Volume 31

>The American Genealogist 1955: Vol 31 Index

>The American Genealogist 1955-01: Vol 31 Iss 1

English Ancestry of Alie (Gransden) Hand and Frances (Gransden) Standborough

The Elithorpe Family of Yorkshire, England and New England

Katherine (Elithorpe) (Constable) Miles, Ancestress of certain Miles and Street families

James Hand of East Hampton, New York

English Origin of the Cobbs of Taunton

The Owen Family of Suffolk, Orange, and Westchester Counties, New York

The Church and Grant Families of Philadelphia and Vicinity

Recent Books

Additions and Corrections:





Pierce, Lexington, Mass., and Winchester, N.H.

Who wants what and where

The descent of the Duke of Montrose, the Prince of Monaco, and Princess Schwarzenberg, from Rev. John Oxenbridge of Boston, Mass.

Ancestor Tables

>The American Genealogist 1955-04: Vol 31 Iss 2

The Brothers, Thomas and John Chadwick of Watertown

The Identity of Margaretha Catharina Rubenkam, Foundress of the Rubincam-Revercomb Families

Obadiah and Drusilla (Stevens) Brown of New Marlborough, Mass., and Canaan, Conn.

Ancestor Tables

Sybil (Tincknell) (Bibble) (Nutt) Doolittle and her family

Hoadley-Hine-Caulkins (Conn. and Ohio)

A branch of the Bries family in Bucks County, Penna.

Family of Dirck Kroksen (Bucks County, Penna.)

Puderbaugh family of Elkhart County, Indiana

Line of Stephen Greene of Philadelphia to Greens of Mansfield and Woodstock, Conn., and Granby, Mass.

Farmingbury (Wolcott), Conn., Church Records

Descent of William Leete, Governor of Connecticut, from the Emperor Charlemagne

Hopson Item, Colchester, Conn.

Errata and Addenda:

Children of Reginald, Earl of Cornwall

Herck Sibertszen's Wife Wyntie Thounis

A Floyd-Nicoll-Woodhull Problem

The Jones Family of Yarmouth and Middleboro, Mass.

Recent Books

>The American Genealogist 1955-07: Vol 31 Iss 3

Additions and Corrections to the Colver-Culver Genealogy

Richard Platt of Ware, Co. Hertford, England, and Milford, Connecticut

Descent of Captain William Pole of Taunton, Mass., from King Edward I

Graves-Cruttenden-Stillwell: A Correction

Ancestor Tables

III. Gerald James Parsons

IV. C. Frederick Kaufholz

V. George Englert McCracken

VI. Alfred Howard Perlee

VII. Charles Lord

VIII. Ella M. (Wiggins) Sprague

IX. Alexander Mackintosh, II

X. Katie Ruth Mills

XI. Fanny Alice (Wilcox) Steed

XII. Claudia Thomas (McAlpin) Whitney

XIII. Edward Everett Thorpe

XIV. Paul Wesley Frindle

Who wants what and where

Recent books

>The American Genealogist 1955-10: Vol 31 Iss 4

The Stebbing Family of Co. Essex, England, and New England

Genealogical By-Ways

On the Marring of Research Sources

Joseph Woodworth, Sr., of Little Compton, R.I., and Lebanon, Conn.

John Reynolds of Greenwich, Conn.

Notes, Errata and Addenda:

I. Bainbridge-Plumly-Gale

II. Church-Price

III. White

IV. Dunham-Cobb-Rickard

V. Kneeland, Hebron

VI. Marshall item

VII. Lyon, Fairfield

A Ferris Family Record

From a Genealogist's Notebook:

VIII. Phelps, Westfield

IX. A Lockwood Blunder

The Gershom Lockwoods of Greenwich, Conn.

Thomas and John Chadwick (Concluded)

Ancestor Tables:

XV. George McKenzie Roberts

XVI. I. Heyward Peck

XVII. Amy Margaret Carey

XVIII. Francis Hess Baxter

XIX. Joseph Mitchell Kellogg

XX. John Dorrance Morrell

XXI. Mary Wythe Peckham

XXII. Wilda T. Chase

XXIII. Florence (Spencer) Whelan

XXIV. Frederick Chester Warner

XXV. Robert Bruce Nisbet

XXVI. Hasel (Kraft) Eilera

XXVII. Mildred Bishop (Moore) Anderson

XXVIII. Anna Louise Perry (Durand) Logan

Stebbing note

Volume 32

>The American Genealogist 1956: Vol 32 Index

>The American Genealogist 1956-01: Vol 32 Iss 1


Pedigrees, Polygraphs and Prevarications

Bennett Inscriptions, New York State

A Royal Descent from King Edward III to Thomas Coytmore of Charlestown, the Wife of William Tyng of Boston, the wife of Ralph Eddowes, John Quincy Adams, Neville Chamberlain

William Churchill and Edward Churchill

John Clowes of Bucks County, Penna.

A Hathaway Record

From a Genealogist's Notebook

Daniel Brinson of Middlesex County, New Jersey


Additions and Corrections to Austin's Genealogical Dictionary

Notes on the Palmer Family of Plymouth

Ancestor Tables:

XXIX. Mrs. Eugene Louis Bowers

XXX. Mrs. Fred Alleman

XXXI. Ralph Emmons Boyce

XXXII. Conklin Mann

XXXIII. Mrs. Abby Sanborn (Paddock) Kendall

XXXIV. Mrs. Lora (Rich) Roden

XXXV. Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.

Recent books

>The American Genealogist 1956-04: Vol 32 Iss 2

The Hawaiian Royal Family

Notes on the Yale Ancestry

Lincoln Family of Windham, Conn.

William Lord's wife and the family of Thomas Lee

Luttrel/Luttrell, Murat, Fraser note

An unconnected Coddington family

Rev. Daniel Elmer

Richard Collacott of Boston, Mass.

The Pole royal line

George Constable of Everingham, Co. York

On names of Dutch grandchildren

The Bainbridge family

Josiah Jones of East Greenwich, New Jersey

Jones addenda

Thomas Halsey of Southampton

Ancestor tables:

XXXVI. Roland Mather Hooker

XXXVII. Helen Douglas (Love) Scranton

XXXVIII. Walter Goodwin Davis

XXXIX. Milton Delce Cole

XL. VanBuren Lamb, Jr.

XLI. Frederick Whitcomb Weed

XLII. Charles Nathan Adams

XLIII. Harriet Scofield

XLIV. Richard Henry Williams

Recent books

>The American Genealogist 1956-07: Vol 32 Iss 3

The Whitbread Family of Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire, England

The Second Marriage of Miriam (Dibble) Gillet


Walter Butler of Greenwich, Conn.

Elizabeth wife of Robert Huested of Greenwich, Conn.

Abel Barnum of New Fairfield, Conn.

David Smith of Haddam, Conn., and his wife, Lydia (Cogswell) (Smith) (Brainerd) Bradford

Bible Records, Fisher-Hopkins, Ohio

Connecticut Divorce Records

Banister-Bowden-Cornwell of New Haven, Conn.

The Grumman Family of Bedfordshire, England, Connecticut and New Jersey

Notes, Addenda and Errata:

Jonathan Gillett

Smith of Lyme


Farmingdale, Maine

Salem, Mass.

Ancestor Tables:

XLV. Arthur Soper Wardwell

XLVI. Helen Elizabeth Royce

XLVII. Marion (Morse) Davis

XLVIII. Mrs. Elmer H. Renton

Lockwood Note

Who wants what and where

Recent Books

>The American Genealogist 1956-10: Vol 32 Iss 4

Mary Bartlett (Foster) Morey, her husbands and children

Gregory Wolterton's Connection

The Wife of Lt. Samuel Smith of Wethersfield

The Easy-Going van Woggelums

The Brong (Brang, Prong, or Prang) Family

The Matthew Thompsons of Northern Connecticut

Ancestor tables:

XLIX. Harold Minot Pitman

L. Mrs. William H. Edwards

LI. Lewis Daniel Cook

LII. Daysie Spencer DeSpain

Addenda, Parsons and Gorham

Lord-Lee (A note)

Records kept by Thomas Gilyard of deaths mainly in the Naugatuck Valley, Conn.

Recent Books

Volume 33

>The American Genealogist 1957: Vol 33 Index

>The American Genealogist 1957-01: Vol 33 Iss 1

The Six Daughters of Barent Mydertsz of Albany

Thankful (Cheney) Parmenter of Hopkinton, Mass.

Park and Chaplin

The Grumman Family (Cont'd)

Church Records of Roxbury Connecticut 1743-1794

Origin of the Brong (Brang) Family

William Graves of Newtown, Long Island

The Huntley-Champion Connection

Stockton-Phillips-Cook Corrections, Hunterdon-Mercer County, N. HJ.

Bainbridge Addenda

Heirs of Michael Bowden of Lynn, Mass.

The Identity of Mary (Denslow) Stevenson

Walslant is not Pays De Vaud

Walter Butler, Penoyer and Reynolds

On Names of Dutch Grandchildren

Mixter Corrections

Ancestor Tables:

LIII. Robert Humphrey Montgomery

LIV. Mrs. Walter Marion Flood

LV. Mrs. Margery (Haven) Fifield

LVI. Mrs. Paul Wesley Prindle

Book reviews

Elizabeth (Dewey) Webster of Lebanon, Conn.

Wife of Edward Frisbie of Branford, Conn.

>The American Genealogist 1957-04: Vol 33 Iss 2

On this and that

Joseph Yard of Philadelphia, Bricklayer

Briggs Families of Taunton

The Family of Harold II, Last Saxon King of England


Parsons Correction


Nehemiah and Sarah (St. John) Stebbins

Hezekiah and Hepzibah (Tyler) Doolittle

Stoughton-Knight Data

Henry Bridgham of Boston, Mass.

Note on Bridgham and Thomas Benedict of Norwalk

The family of Capt. Thaddeus Lacy

Smith of Jamaica, Long Island, and Maidenhead, New Jersey

Recent books

>The American Genealogist 1957-07: Vol 33 Iss 3

Richard Miles of New Haven, Connecticut

The Randall-Leonard-Bayley Relationship

Rowland Robinson Bible Record

Shay Bible Records

Paul Family Record

Updike Bible Record

The wife of Clement Quiterifeld

Daniel Smith of Lyme, Conn.

The will of William Lewis of Scituate, Mass.

The Grumman Family (Cont'd)

The Family of Rev. Johan Wilhelm Boas

Ancestor Tables:

LVII. William Henry Lathrop

LVIII. Frank Whitney

LIX. Mrs. Charles N. Lord

LX. Mrs. I. Heyward Peck

LXI. Mrs. Alfred H. Perlee

LXII. Mrs. Conklin Mann

The Silas Richmonds of Litchfield and Goshen

Grandmother of the Empress Josephine

Descent from Harold Godwinson

William Graves of Newtown, Long Island

John Wickham of Southampton, Long Island

Lacy Corrections

Recent books

>The American Genealogist 1957-10: Vol 33 Iss 4

Geer Notes The four Blessing sisters

Evolution of the name Teachout

Solomon Woodford of Farmington, Conn., and Cato, New York

Brinson Erratum and Addendum

Peter Brown of Windsor, Conn.

the American Dekay Family

Judith (Danson) wife of Charles Crossthwayte

The Pierpoints of Hertfordshire, England and Ann Arundel County, Maryland

The Josiah Adkins Family of Connecticut

Recent books

Ancestor Tables:

LXIII. Neil Bailey Reynolds

LXIV. Marion (Van Vorst) Reynolds

Who wants what and where

Astwood Correction

Of this and that

Volume 34

>The American Genealogist 1958: Vol 34 Index

>The American Genealogist 1958-01: Vol 34 Iss 1

South Jersey Daytons

Burwell-Raymond, Norwalk, Conn.

Seeley-Seelye notes

Martha (Genings) Cunningham, wife of John Marcy, Woodstock, Conn.

The Ancestry of Elizabeth (St. John) Whiting

Lydia, wife of Nathaniel Packard of Bridgewater, Mass.

Bowlby of Nottinghamshire, England, New Jersey, Penna., and Nova Scccota

Recent books

The American Dekay Family (Concluded)

The Ancestry of Gilbert De Gant

King Stephen of Bois

Ancestor Tables

LXV. Herbert Alva Lafler

Claflin notice

The family of David and Rebecca (Grumman) Comstock

Grumman addenda

New Haven County Court Records: Marriage and Birth evidences (1713-1739) p.54-64

>The American Genealogist 1958-04: Vol 34 Iss 2

The Case Family of Connecticut and Long Island

The Ransoms of Shelburne, Mass.

John Prentice of New London, Conn., and his two Nichols wives

Hints on indexing

Gray-June family records

Female Diminutives

Ancestor Tables:

LXVI. Stuart Holmes Sherman

LXVII. Mrs. William Curtis Clark

LXVIII. Hazel (Kenerson) Lafler

Delaware County, Ohio, Probate

Wilson-Giles-Sabin-Wardwell of Conn., R.I. and Cuba

New Jersey Legislative Divorces 1778-1844

Recent books

Bries addenda

Nathan Gardner family Record

Southworth Correction, Conn. and Miss.

Connecticut Ruggles Data

Nicasius de Sille's Great-Grandfather

>The American Genealogist 1958-07: Vol 34 Iss 3

Pergrine White, Jr., of Marshfield, Mass.

Mary, second wife of Barnabas Baldwin of Milford, Conn.

Descendants of Richard Weller of Windsor, Northampton, and Deerfield


Goodrich-Williams-Smith, Wethersfield, Conn.

who wants what and where

Report on the drive for more subscribers

New York State Church Records

The Search for William Ilsley of Newbury, Mass.

Additions and Corrections to Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island

Charles Williams of Colchester, Conn.

Notes and Errata:




Elizabeth (St. John) Whiting

Ancestor Tables:

LXIX. Frederick Lewis Weis

LXX. Mrs. Jerome A. Esker

LXXI. Huston E. Johnson

Recent books

Nathan McQuivey: Additions and Corrections

Blandford, Mass., Marriage Records

>The American Genealogist 1958-10: Vol 34 Iss 4

Genealogical Research Materials Relating to Pennsylvania

John Harding of Boreham, Essex

Evaluation of Genealogical Writers

I. James Savage

II. Orra Eugene Monnette

Richard Miles of New Haven, Conn.

Hedge-Ingoldsbee-Lothrop Relationships

The Widow Potter-Beecher of New Haven

Browne-Kent-Stone-Salisbury, Providence and Cranston, R.I.


Shay Family addenda, New Jersey

The Will of Susannah (Wood) Clark of Southampton, New York

A Cornell Family Correction

Ancestor Tables:

LXXII. Marvin Clayton Hutchins

LXXIII. Timothy Allan Colcord

LXXIV. Mrs. Glenn William Oliver

LXXV. Mrs. Will Brewer Grant

LXXVI. Thomas Huston Roderick

LXXVII. William Hopple Edwards

LXXVIII. James McBride George

LXXIX. Mrs. Nada (Scott) Pendergraft

Recent books

Connecticut Churchmen of 1738

Petitioners of Taunton (Dighton), Mass., Oct. 11, 1708

Fairfield, Conn. Court Records

Booth of Middleborough, Mass.

Volume 35

>The American Genealogist 1959: Vol 35 Index

>The American Genealogist 1959-01: Vol 35 Iss 1

The Early Strongs of Windsor, Conn. **

Samuel Pettis (Pettes) of Norwich, Conn.

Hatch Wills, Scituate, Mass.

The Hetheringtons of Cumberland England

The Second wife of John Huntley of Lyme, Conn **

Seaborn Wilson and Shoreborn Wilson, Ipswich and Boston, Mass.

John Brown's Body

Amy and Mercy

Joan, Princess of Wales, Ancestress of Many American Families

Ancestor Tables:

LXXX. Mrs. Thomas McGee

LXXXI. Mrs. Daniel J. Consodine

LXXXII. Mrs. Herbert Schoepke

LXXXIII. Claude Willis Barlow

LXXXIV. Cameron Harrison Allen

Swift, Tobey, Fish Connections, Sandwich, Mass.

Randall, Pease, Hutchinson, Warner Connections

1759 list of Quakers, Wareham, Mass.

Who wants what and where

Wilson, Denslow, Sabin, Wardwell Connections

Additions and corrections

Recent books

William Andrews of Hartford, Conn.

Capt. Benjamin Church of Fairhaven, Mass.

Charlton-Fraunceys, Apley, Salop, England

Evaluation of Genealogical Writers:

III. Frank Farnsworth Starr

>The American Genealogist 1959-04: Vol 35 Iss 2

The Ancestry of Jeriah Rhodes of Ulster County, New York

Micah Barlow and Jonathan Bugbee of Woodstock, Conn.

Jenney of Plymouth and Rhode Island

The Ancestry of President Martin van Buren

Descendants of Ezra and Hannah (Hollister) Covell

John Andrews of Farmington

Ancestor Tables:

LXXXV. Mrs. Carl Nelson Steitz

LXXXVI. Herbert Furman Seversmith

LXXXVII. Mrs. Harrold Curtis Pickwick

LXXXVIII. Samuel Edward Raymond

LXXXIX. Mrs. Owen C. Sorensen

XC. Mrs. Hibbard Elliot Richardson

Piers de Gavaston

Additions and Corrections to Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island

Notes, Addenda and Errata

Who wants what and where

The Squires in Early New England

Recent Books

The wife of Lieut. Noah Jones of Worchester, Mass.

Brown-Hammond Bible Records

Notes on Browns of Colchester, Conn.

>The American Genealogist 1959-07: Vol 35 Iss 3

Ebenezer Pickett, Jr., of New Milford, Conn.

Oliver Smith of Goshen, N.Y., Bayles and Spencer Ntes

Extracts from New Haven County Court Records

Evaluation of Genealogical Writers:

IV. Charles Arthur Hoppin

Notes on Browns of Colchester, Conn.

Sarah Bonum, wife of John Bryant of Plympton, Mass.

John Bartlett and Wives, Plymouth, Mass.

Strong-Clark Correction

Notes, Addenda and Errata:


Pennsylvania Sources




Extracts from the Connecticut Journal 1776

Endogamous and Exogamous Marriage

Smith of Amwelbury, New Jersey, Mason and Darkin collaterals

Beadon-Bedon Family

Crowell-Crowe Origin

Who Wants What and Where

Hetherrington Addenda

Recent books

John Hoskins of Taunton


Overton family, England

Register of Rev. John Sharpe, New York and Connecticut

Whitcomb Family Records, Greene County, New York

>The American Genealogist 1959-10: Vol 35 Iss 4

Catalyntje Trico Rapalje

Abigail Arnold, wife of Solomon Blake of Dorchester, and the Bateman family

Elizabeth (Harris) (Mandeville) Jacubus

Possible origin of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth

Smith of Hedgefield, Salem County, New Jersey

Smith of Smithfield, Salem County, New Jersey

Mary, first wife of John Baldwin, Sr., of Milford, Conn.

Extracts from the Columbian Register, 1813-1815

Who wants what and where:


Kilbourne; Lacomba

Sawyer-Whitney; Bordwell-Ransom; Perry

Notes on some Richland Families

Recent Books

Family Records (Munger; Pierce; Couch)

Additions and Corrections

Capt. John Miles (ancestor of Wallingford Miles family)

Family of Sherman Hunt, Lewis Co., New York

Gilbert Genealogy (notice)

Volume 36

>The American Genealogist 1960: Vol 36 Index

>The American Genealogist 1960-01: Vol 36 Iss 1

Notes on the Dotey and Churchill families

Evaluation of Genealogical writers

V. Col. Charles Edward Banks

VI. Gilbert Cope

In Memoriam

Who was Rebecca Cornell?

Found Cemetery Burials, Neversink, New York

Certain Halsey-Pool Groups, Morris County, New Jersey

Howard, Stone, Adsit-Edgett, Hartford, Conn.

The Hazards of Endogamous Marriage

Andrews Families of Western Connecticut

III. Addenda, The Farmington Tribe

Ancestor Tables:

XCV. Milton Rubincam

XCVI. Theodore Hunter Smith

XCVII. Charles M. Sandwick, Sr.

Recent books

Notes, Additions and Corrections:

Overton, Beadon-Mosher, Langworthy, Brown, Brockway, Waterbury-Lockwood

Additions and corrections to Austin's Genealogical Dictionary

An Ellis Family of Mendon and Uxbridge, Mass.

Jacob Kibling of Ashburnham, Mass.

Index to the New England Register

English Clues, William Washbourn, Richard Willets, Daniel whitehead, Francis Nicholls

Origins of Lamrock Flower, George Allen, Andrew Hallett

>The American Genealogist 1960-04: Vol 36 Iss 2

Jeremiah Brownell of Nova Scotia

The Death of the Staten Island Census

John Downing (Nevius, Boston)

John Turner of Scituate , Mass.

Public Records of Wisconsin

Holden Rhodes (Vermont and Virginia)

The family of Nathaniel Kirtland

Wills of two Benjamin Haines of Southampton, New York

Who wants what and where

Hereditary Scholarships

Additions to the Bulkeley Genealogy

Kingsland, Shotwell-Burton

Gallup Origin in England

The Pigg or Pidge Family in England and America

Ancestor Tables

XCVIII. Morris Elwood Seymour

XCIX. Henry Warner Austin

C. Rose Mari Dunham

English origins and clues:

Potter and Robinson, Virginia

Edward Spalding, Chelmsford, Mass.;

Robert Husted and Andrew Hallet

Peters, Pennsylvania

Recent books

Weller notes

Thomas Brownell of Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Simon Mills of Windsor

>The American Genealogist 1960-07: Vol 36 Iss 3

Aert Theunissen Middagh and Theunis Gysbertszen Bogaert

The First wife of John Richmond of Taunton, Mass.

Thomas Pursell and his earlier descendants

Additions to the Bulkeley Genealogy

Brothers and sisters of the same given name

Overton family of Swineshead, Leicestershire

Elizabeth (Tomson) Swift of Middleboro

Dayton and Ireland of South Jersey

Recent books

Who wants what and where

Freeman corrrection

Ancestor Tables:

CI. Mrs. Edwin J. Prior

Multiple Descents from John Libby

Johnson Family Record, Newark, N.J.

George Steele of Hartford, Conn., and his son James

Beadon-Bedon family

Stent family of Branford, Conn.

Hereditary scholarships

>The American Genealogist 1960-10: Vol 36 Iss 4

John Rider of Plymouth, Mass.

Rhodes family of Newport, Rhode Island

The Wife of Thomas Grisword : A caveat

The Butlers of Wyoming and Cherry Valley

Thomas Pursell and his earlier descendants

The parentage of Gilbert the Marshal


Changes in English Surnames

Cotton Flack of Boston, Mass.

Mr. Thomas Denham, Puritan Parson

Jonathan Dunham of Plymouth and Edgartown, Mass.

Who wants what and where

Ancestor Tables

CII. Mrs. Ralph A. Countryman

CIII. Harry Earl Richmond

Volume 37

>The American Genealogist 1961: Vol 37 Index

>The American Genealogist 1961-01: Vol 37 Iss 1

Flatbush, Long Island, Assessment List of 1709

Rebecca Ayrault, Second wife of Timothy Lester of Preston, Conn.

William Spencer's Daughter Elizabeth: The Wellman family

Ellis and Freeman Notes: Addenda

Raynor Notes: Long Island

Smith-Potter Bible Records

Family of Elijah Temple of Westmoreland

Early Connecticut Items

Sgt. Joseph Gilbert of New Hartford, Conn.

Origin of the South Jersey Daytons

Ancestry of Pardon Tillinghast of Providence, R.I.

The Wife of WIlliam Kelsey of Killingworth, Conn.

Kirtland Correction

Will of Thomas Wells of Colchester, Conn.


Piers de Gavaston

Ancestor Tables

CIV. Mrs. Edith H. Hurlbutt

Who wants what and where

Evaluation of Genealogical writers:

VII. A. J. Fretz

Inbreeding in the Libby Family

Recent books

In memoriam

Notes: Bogaert-Middagh; Adsit; Siblings of Identical Name; Talmadge-Leek-Halsey

>The American Genealogist 1961-04: Vol 37 Iss 2

English Ancestry of Jonathan Fairbanks of Dedham, Mass


English clues: Booth, Harvey, Beadsley, Stratford, Conn.

Silence French, Her husbands (House and Jenny) and Children

Parentage of Andrew Hallett of Yarmouth, Mass.

Charles Chapin of Salisbury, Conn.

Ratliffe and Marshall, Greenwich, Conn.

Abigail Brown, probable wife of Richard Curtice of Hebron, Conn.

English origin of Randall Holt and Edward Normansell...overseas origin of Virginia families

The Douwe and Aaltje Fonda Marriages and Children, Albany, New York

Morgan Data, Montville, New Fairfield, and Kent, Conn.

Enocsons on Delaware

Who wants what and where

Ancestor tables

CV. Mrs. William A. Day

The Ontario Genealogical Society

Royal Ancestry of Joseph Bowles, Wells, Maine

Recent Books

John Lewis of New London, Conn., Joseph Lewis of Simsbury, Conn.

>The American Genealogist 1961-07: Vol 37 Iss 3

Pitfalls of Dutch Given Names

Early Southern Stents

A Douwe and Aaltje Fonda Epilogue

Origin of Steere, Wickenden and Balcombe Families of Providence

Family of Samuel Bartlett of Duxbury, Mass.

English Origin of Bygod Eggleston

Vyall-Sanderson-Sunderland, Boston, Mass.

Bancrofts in the Connecticut Valley

Benjamin David, Falmouth, Mass.

Joseph Child, Watertown, Mass.

Temple-Humes Correction

Ancestor Tales:

CVI. Mrs. Benjamin F. Salzer

CVII. Mrs. John J. Kiepura

Recent books

Genealogical textbooks and periodicals

Evaluation of Genealogical Writers:

VIII. Oscar Jewell Harvey

Who wants what and where

Thomas Harris of Killingworth, Conn.

Additions and Corrections to Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of R.I.

Notes and Errata: Green, Hutchins, Smith-Wiggins-Creed

Sarah wife of Ebenezer Harris, Plainfield, Conn.

Inscriptions, Benton, Yates Co., New York

Steven Probate, Danbury, Conn.

>The American Genealogist 1961-10: Vol 37 Iss 4

Genealogical Proof (Example: Hannah (Knapp) Weed

Stephen Taylor of Windsor, Conn.

Stephen and Margaret (Elikins) Snow of Eastham, Mass.

Elizabeth (Ingalls) (Lewis) (Thayer) Keith of Mendon and Douglas, Mass.

Samuel Beebe of Southold, Long Island

The Brough Family of Marshfield and Bston, Mass.

Capt. John Call of Charlestown, Mass.

Enochsons on Delaware (Concluded)

Who wants what and where

Coulson Bible Records, Pennsylvania and Ohio

A Possible Prescott Descent from Alfred the Great

Chaytor of Durham and Wicklow, Ancestral to Penrose

Ancestral Notes from Chedwato

Anderson-Herbert-Wynne, Prince George Co., Virginia: Wyatt-Twitty

Genetically false Pedigrees

Genealogy and Related Subjects

Recent Books

Ancestor Tables:

CVIII. Mrs. F. Lee Rankin

Leslie Bradfield and George Adams, Branford, Conn.

Volume 38-85 (Indexes only):

>The American Genealogist 1962: Vol 38 Index

>The American Genealogist 1963: Vol 39 Index

>The American Genealogist 1964: Vol 40 Index

>The American Genealogist 1965: Vol 41 Index

>The American Genealogist 1966: Vol 42 Index

>The American Genealogist 1967: Vol 43 Index

>The American Genealogist 1968: Vol 44 Index

>The American Genealogist 1969: Vol 45 Index

>The American Genealogist 1970: Vol 46 Index

>The American Genealogist 1971: Vol 47 Index

>The American Genealogist 1972: Vol 48 Index

>The American Genealogist 1973: Vol 49 Index

>The American Genealogist 1974: Vol 50 Index

>The American Genealogist 1975: Vol 51 Index

>The American Genealogist 1976: Vol 52 Index

>The American Genealogist 1977: Vol 53 Index

>The American Genealogist 1978: Vol 54 Index

>The American Genealogist 1979: Vol 55 Index

>The American Genealogist 1980: Vol 56 Index

>The American Genealogist 1981: Vol 57 Index

>The American Genealogist 1982: Vol 58 Index

>The American Genealogist 1983: Vol 59 Index

>The American Genealogist 1984: Vol 60 Index

>The American Genealogist 1984: Vol 60 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 1985 - 1986: Vol 61 Index

>The American Genealogist 1987: Vol 62 Index

>The American Genealogist 1988: Vol 63 Index

>The American Genealogist 1989: Vol 64 Index

>The American Genealogist 1989: Vol 64 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 1990: Vol 65 Index

>The American Genealogist 1990: Vol 65 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 1991: Vol 66 Index

>The American Genealogist 1991: Vol 66 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 1992: Vol 67 Index

>The American Genealogist 1993: Vol 68 Index

>The American Genealogist 1994: Vol 69 Index

>The American Genealogist 1997: Vol 72 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 1999: Vol 74 Index

>The American Genealogist 2001: Vol 76 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2002: Vol 77 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2003: Vol 78 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2004: Vol 79 Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2005: Vol 80 Index & Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2006: Vol 81 Index & Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2007: Vol 82 Index & Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2008 - 2009: Vol 83 Index & Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2010: Vol 84 Index & Table of Contents

>The American Genealogist 2011: Vol 85 Index & Table of Contents


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