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The buried homestead of the Grey Dynasty

One of my favorite shows to watch is Timeline World History Documentaries on YouTube. I've binge watched for hours as Tony Robinson and his team visit historical sites, mostly in the United Kingdom, and tell the stories of the people who lived there. From their discussions and research, we can often learn interesting details we might not find elsewhere.

In this episode, Time Team visits the buried homestead of the Grey family and recreates the estate digitally, based on their archaeological findings. One of the many treats in this episode is their digital recreation of the homestead, shown here. Tony explains that this is what the homestead looked like until the end of the 14th century, when they decided it was time to upgrade.

Watch the full episode, The Buried Homestead Of The Grey Dynasty here via YouTube [Alternate link]

Lady Jane Grey married Lord Guildford Dudley, son of John Dudley. See my previous post, The Dudley Castle and other Dudley legends, for more information on the Dudley family.

Tip: Search YouTube for videos of the places your ancestors lived! You never know what you might find! If you don't know where they lived, check out the Domesday Book and try a search for your family names.

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