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The death of John Dickinson at Pittsburgh, 1889

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

John Dickinson was my maternal 3rd great-grandfather, who died over 80 years before I was born. A hard-working man, he worked in the steel mills in Sheffield, England, before bringing his family and trade to America. Naturally, he lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where steel was such a vital industry that the city's football team is aptly called The Pittsburgh Steelers today. They were my favorite team before I even had any clue that my ancestors were original Pittsburgh Steelers. You can learn more about John and his family here.

John was about 59 years old when he died on May 25, 1889 at Pittsburgh. Previously, I've shared his obituary and image of his burial plot at Allegheny Cemetery, but neither offered any clues about how he died.

Here you can see his death certificate, revealing the cause of death. He died from heart disease, with eclampsia as a contributing factor. The duration of his last illness was reportedly twelve hours. At the time of his death, He lived at 8 South Ave in Pittsburgh.

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Stay tuned for more as I share many recent Dickinson finds! In the meantime, you can learn more about my Dickinson branch here.


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