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The death of Mary Polly Brown

Finishing up my review of what we know about Mary "Polly" Brown, wife of Charles Russell Leonard, Joseph Wilson, and Peter Walsh, the following are the known facts about her death and burial. (The surrogate records for the distribution of her estate can be found here.)

Mary's death certificate, shown here, indicates her father's name was "Eugene Brown". (My apologies for not recalling who to credit for this great find). The certificate also indicates she was born in Genoa, New York, on November 12, 1838, and she died on May 14, 1917, from "Paralysis Right Hemiplegia" or "Right Sided Hemiplegia", meaning she had paralysis on the right side of her body, with Chronic Nephritis as a contributing factor. Chronic Nephritis is inflammation of the kidneys, a type of kidney disease. For information on repairing your DNA to help prevent disease, click here!

A typed genealogy report found at Dryer Family Photos elaborates, stating that her father's name was Eugene Edwin Brown and her mother's name was Lydia King.

Mary is buried in Bird Cemetery with her second husband, Joseph Wilson. Hopefully a photo of her grave will follow soon!

Next, I'll try to find more on Eugene Edwin Brown and Lydia King. Stay tuned and subscribe for updates if you haven't already! If you have information about this family to share, please share in the comments below or contact me!


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