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The deaths of Daniel & Chloe Fitts, 22 days apart

In his will, written in 1823, Daniel Fitts made provision for his wife, Chloe (White) Fitts. Little did he know they would both live another 13 years and that she would predecease him, but only by 22 days.

According to Oxford's town vital records, Chloe died at the age of 80 on January 22, 1837, and then just a few entries down in the register we see the entry for the death of Daniel Fitts, age 84, February 13, 1837. Note: It appears the "A." is an abbreviation for "Age" and not a middle initial. Notice it is used on each entry.

The are buried side by side in South Cemetery in Oxford. Photos of their graves are available on Findagrave. Click either image to jump to their memorials.

The willow tree and urn appear on both graves. This was common in colonial times. According to an interesting article by Chris Raymond, found here, weeping willows can symbolize longevity, which both Daniel and Chloe both possessed, or it can symbolize life after death and the resurrection of the soul.

The cemetery and the First Congregational Church in front of it can be seen here: (Alternate link)



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