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The Essex Antiquarian, historic monthly magazine online

The Essex Antiquarian is a century-old magazine devoted to the biography, genealogy, history and antiquities of Essex County, Massachusetts, published monthly from 1897 to 1909. Each year's issues makes up one volume and all 13 volumes are available to read online free of charge. Each volume features an index of surnames, which you can access quickly and easily using the shortcuts provided here for your convenience. Be sure to check each one if your ancestors lived in Essex County. You may find wills, stories, military history, burial information, maps showing where they lived, or other interesting facts you may not be able to find elsewhere.

Volume 1 (1897) [Link] [Index to Surnames]

  • Volume 1 #1 Jan. 1897 [Link] The Last of the Old Merchantmen, Commercial History of Salem, New England's Dead (poem), Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution, Throat Distemper in Haverhill 1735-7, Will of Sarah Dillingham, Abbe Genealogy, Ipswich Memorial Tablets, Family Records.

  • Volume 1 #2 Feb. 1897 [Link] Map of Old Norfolk County, Old Norfolk County Records, The Old Stone Walls (poem), Early Fences, Amesbury Inscriptions: Salisbury Point Cemetery, Will of Bethiah Cartwright of Salem 1640, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd), Abbe Notes, New Publications.

  • Volume 1 #3 Mar. 1897 [Link] Abbot House, Andover, Abbot Genealogy, The Deserted Village, Gloucester's Deserted Village, Will of Samuel Smith of Wenham, 1642, Revolutionary Letters, Old Norfolk County Records, Spinning Bee at Byfield, 1768, Amesbury Cemetery Inscriptions.

  • Volume 1 #4 Apr. 1897 [Link] Old Nichols Homestead, now Ferncroft Inn, Second Marriages (poem), Abbot Genealogy, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution, Will of Henry Rolfe of Newbury, 1642, Abbe Notes, Drowning Accident off Manchester.

  • Volume 1 #5 May 1897 [Link] Rev. Jacob Bailey (portrait), Will of George Browne of Newbury, 1642, The State Lottery (poem), Old-Time Lotteries, Abbot Genealogy (Cont'd), Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd).

  • Volume 1 #6 June 1897 [Link] Old Wool Spinning Wheel, Spinning in the Olden Time, An Ipswich Grant, Family Records, Early Voyaging (poem), The Great Storm of 1635, Abbot Genealogy (Cont'd), Will of Anne Scarlet, 1639, Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution (Cont'd).

  • Volume 1 #7 July 1897 [Link] Old Peabody Grist Mill, Topsfield, Descendants of George Abbot of Rowley, The Old Grist Mill (poem), Old Peabody Mills, Will of William Nevill of Ipswich, 1643, Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd), Notes on Abbot Genealogy.

  • Volume 1 #8 Aug. 1897 [Link] Hathorne Porter (portrait), Amesbury Inscriptions (Union Cemetery), The Abolitionists (poem), Hathorne Porter, Salem and Ipswich Bounds, 1643, Desc. of Thomas Abbot of Andover, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd), Will of John Sanders of Salem, 1643, Contractions in Colonial Writings.

  • Volume 1 #9 Sept. 1897 [Link] Attempted Sale of Provided Southwick, Persecution of Quakers in Essex County, The Ancestor (poem), Desc. of Arthur Abbot of Ipswich, Will of Robert Andrews of Ipswich, 1643, Amesbury Inscription (Union Cemetery, Con'td), Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd), Ipswich Soldiers 1724, Non-Importation Agreement, Salem 1768.

  • Volume 1 #10 Oct. 1897 [Link] Old Tunnel Meeting House, Lynn, Historical Sketch of the First Church in Lynn, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd), Our Fathers' Wills (poem), Will of Robert Muzzey of Ipswich, 1642, Aborn Genealogy, Amesbury Inscription (Union Cemetery, Con'td).

  • Volume 1 #11 Nov. 1897 [Link] The Ancient Putnam Sideboard, Amesbury Inscription (Union Cemetery, Con'td), The Mysterious Land (poem), The Earthquake of 1633, The Abraham Family, Colonial Handwriting, Andover in the Louisburg Expedition, Will of Hugh Churchman of Lynn 1640, Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd).

  • Volume 1 #12 Dec. 1897 [Link] Early Stone Fireplace (illustration), Methods of Heating in the Olden Time, Will of Joanna Cummings of Salem 1644, Abbot Notes, Old Ironsides, The Frigate Constitution, Acie Genealogy, Amesbury Inscriptions: Salisbury Plains Cemetery (Cont'd), Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd).

Volume 2 (1898) [Link] [Index to Surnames]

  • Volume 2 #1 Jan. 1898 [Link] The Ames Murder, Battle of Saratoga 1777, Margaret (poem), Acres Genealogy, Abbot Notes, Will of Thomas Payne of Salem 1638, Amesbury Inscriptions: Union Cemetery (Cont'd), Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd).

  • Volume 2 #2 Feb. 1898 [Link] Old Adams Homestead, Newbury-Byfield, Adams Genealogy, Training Day (poem), Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd), Petition of Salem Farmers 1667, Will of Richard Ingersoll of Salem 1644, Will of John Goffe of Newbury 1641, Notes of Amesbury Inscriptions: Salisbury Plains Cemetery, A Tale of Ipswich (poem).

  • Volume 2 #3 Mar. 1898 [Link] Old Adams Homestead, Boxford, Beverages in the Old Days, Will of Margaret Pease 1644, Our Fathers' Burials (poem), Andover Inscriptions, Adams Genealogy (Cont'd), Will of Frances Hawes 1641, The Moulton Pedigree, Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd).

  • Volume 2 #4 Apr. 1898 [Link] Byfield Parish Baptisms 1709-1743, The Old Cellar (poem), Lombardy Poplars, Adams Genealogy (Cont'd), Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd).

  • Volume 2 #5 May 1898 [Link] Jacob Perkins (portrait), The Manufacture of Nails in Essex County, Will of John Thorne 1646, The Comet (poem), Early Comets, Adams Genealogy (Cont'd), Will of Richard Bartholomew 1645, Will of Joseph Morse of Ipswich 1646, Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd).

  • Volume 2 #6 June 1898 [Link] Old Adams Homestead, Hamilton, Desc. of William Adams of Ipswich, The Old Weaver (poem), Early Weaving, Bancroft Immigrants, Settlement of Topsfield, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd), Abbot Notes, Will of Francis Lightfoot of Lynn 1646.

  • Volume 2 #7 July 1898 [Link] Map of Centre of Georgetown in 1800, Georgetown in 1800, The Smugglers (poem), Informers of Smugglers, Will of Michael Sallowes of Salem 1646, Desc. of William Adams of Ipswich (Cont'd), Abbot Notes, Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd), A Salem Grant.

  • Volume 2 #8 Aug. 1898 [Link] Site of Fountain Inn, Marblehead (illustration), Andover Inscriptions: Old South Burying Ground, The Departed Inn (poem), Fountain Inn, Marblehead, Ager Family, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd), Jonathan Mooer of Newbury, Will of George Pollard of Marblehead 1646, Aborn Notes.

  • Volume 2 #9 Sept. 1898 [Link] Gowing-Wellman Homestead in Lynnfield (plus illustration), Allen Genealogy, Aborn Notes, The Old Home (poem), Will of John Satchwell of Ipswich 1646, Adams Notes, Andover Inscriptions: Old South Burying Ground (Cont'd), Old Norfolk County Records.

  • Volume 2 #10 Oct. 1898 [Link] Gov. Simon Bradstreet, Rockport Baptisms 1755-1808, To My Deat and Loving Husband (poem), Gov. Simon Bradstreet, Adams Note, Will of Michael Carthrick of Ipswich 1646, Allen Genealogy, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution (Cont'd), Acres Notes.

  • Volume 2 #11 Nov. 1898 [Link] Part of Salem in 1700 (plus map), Emerson and Sewall Houses, The Reading of the Will (poem). Will of John Fairfield of Wenham 1646, Allen Genealogy (Cont'd), Parkman House, Hunt House, Old Norfolk County Records (Cont'd).

  • Volume 2 #12 Dec. 1898 [Link] A Jack, Early Methods of Cooking, The Watch of the Wives, The Shipwreck of Capt. Ephraim Howe, Will of Christopher Yongs of Wenham 1647, Rockport Baptisms 1755-1808 (Cont'd), Desc. of Walter Allen of Newbury, Editorial, New Publications.

Volume 3 (1899) [Link] [Index to Surnames]

Contents: Abbot Note, Aborn Notes, Alford Notes, Alger Notes, Allen Genealogies, Alley Genealogy, Ambrose Family, Ames Genealogy, The Ancestor's Dream, Andrews Genealogies, Annable Family, Annis Genealogy, The Poor Attorney, Will of Giles Badger, Will of Richard Bailey, Will of John Balch, Will of Richard Bartlett, Beverly Inscriptions: Ancient Burying Ground, Ancient North Beverly Cemetery, Dane Street Cemetery, Dodge's Row Burying Ground, Green Family Burying Ground, North Beverly Meeting House Cemetery, Rev. Isaac Braman, The Bride's Homecoming, The Cooper, Coopers in Salem, The Dark Day, Dark Days, The Days of Old, Drowning Accident, Essex County in 1643, Abraham Foster's Account Book, Will of Jane Gaines, Gloucester in 1857, The Graves of a Household, Early Gravestones in Essex County, Green Family Burying Ground in Beverly, Haverhill Captives, Part of Haverhill in 1700, Will of Luke Heard, Joseph Hovey, Esq., Will of Robert Hunter, Will of Edmund Ingalls, Beverly Inscriptions, Will of Allen Keniston, Liberty Tea, Will of John Lowell, Moll Pitcher, Will of Thomas Nelson, Old Records of Norfolk County, Old Folks Concerts, The Old Home, James Otis, Rev. Jonathan Parsons, Pequot Soldiers, Perkins Papers, Sabbath Day Reminiscences, Part of Salem in 1700, Salem Quarterly Court Records and Files, Samplers, Will of Samuel Scullard, Snow Bound, Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution, Will of John Spencer, The Tailor, Tailors in the Olden Time, Wellman House in Lynnfield, Will of Matthew Whipple, Will of John Whittingham, Winter of 1716-17, Will of Richard Woodman.

Volume 4 (1900) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 5 (1901) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 6 (1902) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 7 (1903) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 8 (1904) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 9 (1905) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 10 (1906) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 11 (1907) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 12 (1908) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

Volume 13 (1909) [Link] [Contents] [Index to Surnames]

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