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The Fountain on Constitution Drive

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Here's a spot in Allentown, Pennsylvania, I'd like to know more about. Along the Lehigh River on a road that runs parallel with it for about a mile, there's a fountain on the side of the road, shooting water coming from springs from what I believe is Lehigh Mountain. The masonry is intriguing with the keystone wedged on top.

It looks like a subterranean building but it may just be a stone face. As you can see, vandals have no respect for antiquity. They spray painted graffiti on the face of the stones.

Down below is a single train track and across the river is the D&L Trail - Lehigh Canal (South) and a train yard:

Here's the location on Google Maps. The fountain is on Constitution Drive, a long wooded road that runs along the base of the mountain:

The Moravians purchased large amounts of land from the sons of William Penn in nearby Fountain Hill. Was this fountain built by the Moravians? If so, when? If anyone knows anything about this, please comment!


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