The Four Quarters of Cheryl E. Reese

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

How great is it that we can make these types of things today to share the research and materials we've gathered about our family history?

These are the parents and ancestors of Cheryl E. Reese, showing her four quarters, from her parents, Lloyd Reese and Margaret Dickinson, and her grandparents, L. John Reese and Mary E. Harvey, and William H. Dickinson and Delaphina "Mary" Decker.

Want to see more? Watch the extended tree animated here. This only took all week to put together...nothing compared to the 16 years of research!

Some of my mother's ancestors were Reese, Dickinson, Harvey, Decker, Robinson, Mayo, Stowell, Shirley, Strong, and many more. Click here for more details.

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